Friday, August 14, 2009

Show Us Your Life

I am excited to be joining back in over at Kellys Korner for "Show Us Your Life" Friday. This week is all about your fave vaca spot. We are a beach loving family....well TheHubster is not but he goes along for the ride and does actually enjoy it as long as it is not too hot. He keeps wanting to vaca somewhere else like the mountains. Maybe one day.
Where have several fave beach spots we love! Our first being Maui. Sorry no pics. That was before the age of the Mac and when you actually had to print your pics out to have um. We went there for our honeymoon and look forward to one day taking the boys there. It is just beautiful beyond belief and sooo peaceful.

On the mainland our absolute fave vaca spot hands down is Gulf Shores/ PerdidoKey. We have been every spring since Oldest was a baby. Sadly enough though with the big relo back to Tx we had to skip it this year and it just broke our hearts. The boys still are asking to go. It is the one time of year we actually get the family photo taken.
We enjoy it because it has a little of every thing for everybody and the water is soo clear and super blue...most of the time. You can not beat the white sand beaches! We actually stay in Perdido Key but play in Gulf Shores.

This is another thing I do on a yearly basis when we go. I always hunt down a crane which is not hard to do at all. They usually follow around The Papa for some odd reason.
This is my fave pic from last year. I made it black and white because it was an overcast day. My boys. I love um more than life itself even though they drive me insane on a daily basis. I hope they stay best buds forever. God certainly knew what he was doing when he gave Oldest his lil' bro!!

Now this is a pic from the previous year but it shows how crystal blue the water is. Oh how sweet it is! Dreamin' we were there now.
Well have fun visiting all the vaca spots over at Kellys Korner! Off to live vicariously thru every body else!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stormy Afternoon

What are ya'll doing this afternoon? We were going to head out and get our passes so we can utilize the pool for the one week we have left till school starts. That idea has now kinda went out the window since it started storming. Hopefully it will cool off some. Ekkk that was some lightening out there. Thank heavens for surge protectors! HA!
Earlier today we went to WM for some wipes and a new snap tool. That was a wash. Well I did get the wipes and some more spray paint to redo the chandys yet again but no snap tool. I need to go to Joanns or Hob Lob I guess for it which means I need to see if I have a coupon in my email somewhere.
After that we went to HomeGoods which I have I mentioned I LOVE!? It is my new addiction. I went to get a cute little white tea pot and cups to match that would have been all under $10 for display on a future hutch in the dining room. They only had the pot left so I passed seeing as I do not even have a hutch yet. We then wondered around. The boys were pretty well behaved. We ended up getting some napkins and a table cloth in hopes of making kitchen curtains.
Gotta go! It is hailing now.....
Back now and we have since been back to WM and HomeGoods! I needed one more tablecloth which I got when I returned the napkins from today and a tray which I had purchased earlier in the week to make a chalk board. I can find something else for that but there was only one other table cloth left so I knew I had to get it or be out of luck since I already started chopping n the one we bought earlier in the day. We then had to go to WM because the rain brought out more ants. Joy and more Joy! Thankfully the bug guy will be back again tomorrow.
Dinner for my men is calling so I must go. Yum fish sticks. Mama is having a Healthy Choice! Check back ya' ll for the finished product! Also hop on over to Peanut Petunia! She is celebrating her 100th post with an awesome giveaway from Lettered Cottage Home! Thanx girly! It is truly a generous giveaway!

The tablecloth and napkins. LOVED the napkins but just could not figure out how to use um.
The kitchen where the tablecloth will hopefully be turned into some lovely cafe style curtains and something for the back door. You can see the rejected rooster valance from Lowes still pinned up there! HA! Plus you can see several color attempts. We are officially going with Sherwin Williams Camelback in the kitchen and then Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat in the rest of the common areas.
These are the awesome bins you can win by entering over at Peanut Petunia. Told ya they were awesome!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Can I tell ya'll how upset I am right now!!!??? I have not been to my fave blogs since Sunday and I was going to make the rounds and can you even imagine the horror when I saw that I am no longer following any blogs!!!??? I am just livid and do not even know how I am going to find everybody again. Ya know it is just one of those ya happen upon and then happen upon kinda things. I am completely shattered right now......
P.s I am now confused. I went to Follow some of the ones I do remember and it says I am already following them. My blog says I am following nobody. URGH! Hopefully it is just a glitch and sign from above that I must go sew now! HA!

Feathered Friends

Hey ya'll! Hope your Tuesday is going well. The boys and I are enjoying our next to last week before school starts. A bittersweet time of year. Can't wait for um to go but miss um when hey are gone. I have for more weeks with Littliest so I will be fine.
Today the boys wanted to to The Old Oak Cottage. It is a cute little gift shop down the road and around a few corners from us. I mentioned us visiting it before and yet again I forgot the camera. Believe it or not it is the ONLY store that they behave the entire time and touch nothing! A true girly girl store so of course The Hubster loves hearing the boys say they want to go there! HA! Now mind you the only reason they enjoy it is because the ladies there make fresh homemade cookies every day and today they even had some pink lemonade! They always have the cutest gift items for the home.

We also stopped at Tuesday Morning which I normally do not like because the one by our old house was messy and dirty. The one here was pretty organized. They had a to die for bird lamp that was "originally" $119 for just $25! If I had not just purchased a lamp a few weeks back it so would have come home with me. I seem to be on a bird kick right now.

Still obsessed when we got home I searched on line for items made by a company who I always find at The Old Oak Cottage. That led me to Elizabeth's Embellishments. A wonderful site full of girly girl items that makes me want to start a side business selling things for the home. I have mentioned it in the past to The Hubster but first I have to start making money again with my baby items. If only I can get off this darn computer and back in the sewing room! HA!

Here are a few things I found over at Elizabeth's Embellishments that I just love and ALL have to do with birds and nests! I can so see a gift shop with all of these pretties.Aren't these the prettiest little coasters ever!? Truly my fave and I may just have to order a set They are just $3.95 for a set of four! I just wish they came in a variety set instead of having to pick just one design.
Aren't these the prettiest little coasters ever!? Truly my fave and I may just have to order a set for just $3.95 for a set of four! I just wish they came in a variety set instead of having to pick just one design.

I have seen a few of these floating around blog land and wish I could land one but at $29.85 I think that one can be found at at much better deal.
This is a cute little bird ink stamp set. A definite must have if you are into scrap booking or just being creative.
These are beautiful Thank You note cards they also carry. If only they did not have Thank You on the front but the inside instead because then they could be framed and used as gifts.
Adorable cook book holder.
(I actually saw this today at HomeGoods for just $9.99!! It was sooo tempting but I already have a cook book holder. If you like it I would head over there. They were putting out all kinds of things today!..edited on Thursday.)
This is a set of labels and what not. I may just have to have this too! HA!

Last but not least these ornament birds are just darling as darling can be! They can be used year round and they also carry holiday themed ones.

I hope you gals had fun window shopping with me! I tell ya it is the best therapy if ya have the will power to say "Just walk away from the bird and nobody gets hurt"! HA! Elizabeth is offering free shipping on $100 or more!
Have a good one ya'll. Off to sew so I can make some money and maybe actually purchase a few of these pretties.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Monday

Well we made it thru another Monday and thankfully pretty much without a hitch. Other than Oldest being a pain about having to go to a new school and just being in an absolute funk over it that landed him a nap this afternoon which he never takes it was a pretty decent day. The Hubster took today off so he could get his windshield replaced in order to pass Tx inspection. He not only took his car to be inspected but mine as well and he even went and registered both vehicles! What a Hubster! I guess now we are back to being official Texans.
Now let me say that the license plate did not go without a hitch. I am a very particular person and thus I have an opinion on what license plate I would like to have. When we went to Louisiana I actually got the pelican plate I was wanting. Here I did not think that there was anything other than what we had had when we lived here previously. Decent looking plate no need to make any requests or to be concerned. Boy oh boy was I wrong!!
The Hubster showed me my new plates while I was making dinner and I say "MY" because he got the original looking plates we had before. When I saw them I had a fit. Well not really but I am horrified by them and after doing some research I could not believe that Texans actually voted for this ugly monstrosity!! You tell me which plate you like best!? I think I may be researching a special order one! HA!
Hope your Monday went off without a hitch! Have a good one ya'll!

Original plate which is pretty decent as far as license plates go.

New plate. The pic does not do it justice. It looks worse in person! I will have to take a pic and add it.

Window Shopping Yet Again

Hey ya'll! Hope your weekend was a good one! Just finished watching Design Star on HGTV of course and let me just say THANK YOU! I do not even remember the chicks name that got booted before elimination deliberation but she should have gone the first show. Just my opinion though. I actually liked the first gal that was nixed though she was physically not up for the challenge.

Anyways, my boys are asleep and I had some time to browse for some fab for the kitchen and the living room and well the dinning room too. What spurred the window (HA!) shopping was that at Lowes this evening I found a rooster valance for $20. Not really what I was looking for but thought that $20 a window was not bad considering the rooster fab I really want is $34 a yard. GULP! Yeah, I said $34 and you can see why I was looking for alternatives.

The $34 a yard Rooster fabric I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Click here and you can see the valance I found at Lowes for just $20. Pennys wants $40 for it so if ya like it check your Lowes first! I have it pinned to a window right now and it truly is much prettier in person than on the site. I was thinking though it will cost me $60 for three and then some more because I would need additional fab to spruce um up. So with that being said all I would need for the black rooster fab is some trim so is $34 a yard really all that crazy to consider or am I really delusional in trying to rationalize my fabric addition?? I would probably only need two yards of it. I mean really!? HA!

I continued on my search and remembered a site that The Nester recommended in one of her posts a few months back. ( I know you all know who she is but I still feel led to link to her since there may be some slight chance that somebody out there in blog land does not know the goddess of mistreatments!) I was sad to have missed out on the great sales she had found on Fabric.Com. Well tonight I stumbled upon the mother load of beautiful fabs and for just are you ready, are you really ready for this!!! ???? All for just $5.58 a yard and FREE shipping on orders of $35 or more! You can not beat that with a stick. It is such a great deal that it is almost 1 a.m. and I am posting this deal so you won't miss out! Now if ya click on the link it will take ya to the 20% off section and do not let that deter ya. The $5.58 fabs are in there. Here are just a few of my faves.

Would make a pretty shower curtain.

I can so see this one as a pillow!

This one is my fave that I may actually order for the dining room. It is not quite the style I was looking for but the right colors so I think I can make it work so please do not go buying it all up ya'll! HA! I am not an impulse buyer so I may miss out while I deliberate.

This is another great one in a rich chocolate brown floral pattern.

This one matches the one above. I love the kiwi color.

What is even more great abt Fabric.Com is that they provide you with charts on how much fab you need to buy for whatever project that you may be working on! If you are like me you would be like "uh, how much fab would I ever need for a shower curtain??".

Here is the chart from their site for curtains.

And here is their chart for things like shower curtains. They are definite must haves so bookmark this site or take the images with ya! Just remember they are from Fabric.Com.

Now this fab I found while browsing as well. I just LOVE it and am trying to decide if I want to spend $19 on a yard of it. It is super hard to find so there is not much of it to be had. I LOVE It though and can see pillows made from it or a cushion for our hall bench. If I had a money tree in the back yard I would purchase enough to make a shower curtain for the in-law suite. It reminds me of the toile blue and khaki Target shower curtain that everybody is after these days but of course this would have a heftier price tag.

So there ya have it ya'll! What a wonderful way to start of a Monday I say!! My old quote to The Hubster is "Ya gotta spend money to save money". HA! Off to bed.
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