Friday, August 14, 2009

Show Us Your Life

I am excited to be joining back in over at Kellys Korner for "Show Us Your Life" Friday. This week is all about your fave vaca spot. We are a beach loving family....well TheHubster is not but he goes along for the ride and does actually enjoy it as long as it is not too hot. He keeps wanting to vaca somewhere else like the mountains. Maybe one day.
Where have several fave beach spots we love! Our first being Maui. Sorry no pics. That was before the age of the Mac and when you actually had to print your pics out to have um. We went there for our honeymoon and look forward to one day taking the boys there. It is just beautiful beyond belief and sooo peaceful.

On the mainland our absolute fave vaca spot hands down is Gulf Shores/ PerdidoKey. We have been every spring since Oldest was a baby. Sadly enough though with the big relo back to Tx we had to skip it this year and it just broke our hearts. The boys still are asking to go. It is the one time of year we actually get the family photo taken.
We enjoy it because it has a little of every thing for everybody and the water is soo clear and super blue...most of the time. You can not beat the white sand beaches! We actually stay in Perdido Key but play in Gulf Shores.

This is another thing I do on a yearly basis when we go. I always hunt down a crane which is not hard to do at all. They usually follow around The Papa for some odd reason.
This is my fave pic from last year. I made it black and white because it was an overcast day. My boys. I love um more than life itself even though they drive me insane on a daily basis. I hope they stay best buds forever. God certainly knew what he was doing when he gave Oldest his lil' bro!!

Now this is a pic from the previous year but it shows how crystal blue the water is. Oh how sweet it is! Dreamin' we were there now.
Well have fun visiting all the vaca spots over at Kellys Korner! Off to live vicariously thru every body else!

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  1. I love Gulf Shores too, I'm sad I haven't made the trip this year.


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