Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stormy Afternoon

What are ya'll doing this afternoon? We were going to head out and get our passes so we can utilize the pool for the one week we have left till school starts. That idea has now kinda went out the window since it started storming. Hopefully it will cool off some. Ekkk that was some lightening out there. Thank heavens for surge protectors! HA!
Earlier today we went to WM for some wipes and a new snap tool. That was a wash. Well I did get the wipes and some more spray paint to redo the chandys yet again but no snap tool. I need to go to Joanns or Hob Lob I guess for it which means I need to see if I have a coupon in my email somewhere.
After that we went to HomeGoods which I have I mentioned I LOVE!? It is my new addiction. I went to get a cute little white tea pot and cups to match that would have been all under $10 for display on a future hutch in the dining room. They only had the pot left so I passed seeing as I do not even have a hutch yet. We then wondered around. The boys were pretty well behaved. We ended up getting some napkins and a table cloth in hopes of making kitchen curtains.
Gotta go! It is hailing now.....
Back now and we have since been back to WM and HomeGoods! I needed one more tablecloth which I got when I returned the napkins from today and a tray which I had purchased earlier in the week to make a chalk board. I can find something else for that but there was only one other table cloth left so I knew I had to get it or be out of luck since I already started chopping n the one we bought earlier in the day. We then had to go to WM because the rain brought out more ants. Joy and more Joy! Thankfully the bug guy will be back again tomorrow.
Dinner for my men is calling so I must go. Yum fish sticks. Mama is having a Healthy Choice! Check back ya' ll for the finished product! Also hop on over to Peanut Petunia! She is celebrating her 100th post with an awesome giveaway from Lettered Cottage Home! Thanx girly! It is truly a generous giveaway!

The tablecloth and napkins. LOVED the napkins but just could not figure out how to use um.
The kitchen where the tablecloth will hopefully be turned into some lovely cafe style curtains and something for the back door. You can see the rejected rooster valance from Lowes still pinned up there! HA! Plus you can see several color attempts. We are officially going with Sherwin Williams Camelback in the kitchen and then Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat in the rest of the common areas.
These are the awesome bins you can win by entering over at Peanut Petunia. Told ya they were awesome!

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