Monday, August 10, 2009

Window Shopping Yet Again

Hey ya'll! Hope your weekend was a good one! Just finished watching Design Star on HGTV of course and let me just say THANK YOU! I do not even remember the chicks name that got booted before elimination deliberation but she should have gone the first show. Just my opinion though. I actually liked the first gal that was nixed though she was physically not up for the challenge.

Anyways, my boys are asleep and I had some time to browse for some fab for the kitchen and the living room and well the dinning room too. What spurred the window (HA!) shopping was that at Lowes this evening I found a rooster valance for $20. Not really what I was looking for but thought that $20 a window was not bad considering the rooster fab I really want is $34 a yard. GULP! Yeah, I said $34 and you can see why I was looking for alternatives.

The $34 a yard Rooster fabric I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Click here and you can see the valance I found at Lowes for just $20. Pennys wants $40 for it so if ya like it check your Lowes first! I have it pinned to a window right now and it truly is much prettier in person than on the site. I was thinking though it will cost me $60 for three and then some more because I would need additional fab to spruce um up. So with that being said all I would need for the black rooster fab is some trim so is $34 a yard really all that crazy to consider or am I really delusional in trying to rationalize my fabric addition?? I would probably only need two yards of it. I mean really!? HA!

I continued on my search and remembered a site that The Nester recommended in one of her posts a few months back. ( I know you all know who she is but I still feel led to link to her since there may be some slight chance that somebody out there in blog land does not know the goddess of mistreatments!) I was sad to have missed out on the great sales she had found on Fabric.Com. Well tonight I stumbled upon the mother load of beautiful fabs and for just are you ready, are you really ready for this!!! ???? All for just $5.58 a yard and FREE shipping on orders of $35 or more! You can not beat that with a stick. It is such a great deal that it is almost 1 a.m. and I am posting this deal so you won't miss out! Now if ya click on the link it will take ya to the 20% off section and do not let that deter ya. The $5.58 fabs are in there. Here are just a few of my faves.

Would make a pretty shower curtain.

I can so see this one as a pillow!

This one is my fave that I may actually order for the dining room. It is not quite the style I was looking for but the right colors so I think I can make it work so please do not go buying it all up ya'll! HA! I am not an impulse buyer so I may miss out while I deliberate.

This is another great one in a rich chocolate brown floral pattern.

This one matches the one above. I love the kiwi color.

What is even more great abt Fabric.Com is that they provide you with charts on how much fab you need to buy for whatever project that you may be working on! If you are like me you would be like "uh, how much fab would I ever need for a shower curtain??".

Here is the chart from their site for curtains.

And here is their chart for things like shower curtains. They are definite must haves so bookmark this site or take the images with ya! Just remember they are from Fabric.Com.

Now this fab I found while browsing as well. I just LOVE it and am trying to decide if I want to spend $19 on a yard of it. It is super hard to find so there is not much of it to be had. I LOVE It though and can see pillows made from it or a cushion for our hall bench. If I had a money tree in the back yard I would purchase enough to make a shower curtain for the in-law suite. It reminds me of the toile blue and khaki Target shower curtain that everybody is after these days but of course this would have a heftier price tag.

So there ya have it ya'll! What a wonderful way to start of a Monday I say!! My old quote to The Hubster is "Ya gotta spend money to save money". HA! Off to bed.

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