Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Monday

Well we made it thru another Monday and thankfully pretty much without a hitch. Other than Oldest being a pain about having to go to a new school and just being in an absolute funk over it that landed him a nap this afternoon which he never takes it was a pretty decent day. The Hubster took today off so he could get his windshield replaced in order to pass Tx inspection. He not only took his car to be inspected but mine as well and he even went and registered both vehicles! What a Hubster! I guess now we are back to being official Texans.
Now let me say that the license plate did not go without a hitch. I am a very particular person and thus I have an opinion on what license plate I would like to have. When we went to Louisiana I actually got the pelican plate I was wanting. Here I did not think that there was anything other than what we had had when we lived here previously. Decent looking plate no need to make any requests or to be concerned. Boy oh boy was I wrong!!
The Hubster showed me my new plates while I was making dinner and I say "MY" because he got the original looking plates we had before. When I saw them I had a fit. Well not really but I am horrified by them and after doing some research I could not believe that Texans actually voted for this ugly monstrosity!! You tell me which plate you like best!? I think I may be researching a special order one! HA!
Hope your Monday went off without a hitch! Have a good one ya'll!

Original plate which is pretty decent as far as license plates go.

New plate. The pic does not do it justice. It looks worse in person! I will have to take a pic and add it.

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