Thursday, August 6, 2009

Super Cute Finds

Hey ya'll! This evening was nice! We had our friends over who have little girls all the same age as our boys. Well except for they have one extra than us now!:) Keep trying to talk the Hubster into that so we can catch up but so far no go...that is the Hubster will not agree. Our friends are really great and we consider them family. Now that we are back in the old hood I am so glad we get to see them more than three times a year. They would always stop over in BR when they were in town for LSU games.

What else? Still fighting the d**n ants. We were good all last night and then I saw them balled up on the floor this afternoon so I was thinking Thank You Lord! Well I counted my blessings far too soon. Went in the bathroom before our friends arrived and they were all over my boys tooth brushes. Yes I know gross and I am sure you are so thankful I am sharing but I need to vent some how. Those brushes got tossed and will be replaced in the am. I am at a lost and frankly sooo tired. Tired is not even the word for it. Exhausted from dealing with them. Tomorrow will mark week #4 in our new home and three of the four we have been dealing with ants. No ants before we closed and no ants when we stayed over for the fourth. Go figure. I guess maybe the time of year it is.

Anyways, the boys are fast asleep thankfully and I was going thru my normal drop ins and over at Girlstuff she shared some pics of the cutest Halloween chandy shades and bling I have ever seen! That led me to research where she found um. Sorry for being a copycat poster but I just had to share!!

This one I found over at of course Ballard Designs! LOVE LOVE LOVE that place. At $16 a pop though I will have to pass or figure out how to make some on my own.

I also found these cuties over on Ebay. Not as cute as Ballard but still would do the trick. The boys would love um and they are only $4 a piece! Very budget friendly if you decorate for Halloween. I don't really but do for fall. Now that the boys are older though I feel the need to see the gleam from their eyes when the decorations come out in the stores.

Now if you are crafty enough head on over to over to Cottage Magpie. She has a post from last year abt how to make these beauties! Super cute and now another blog I will have to stop by!!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful evening with family and friends as well! Chat more tomorrow! I was working a project this afternoon that I will be sharing soon.

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  1. I am so sorry about the ants...yucky!!!

    I love these darling shades!!! what a great way to change the look of your chandelier!!!

    This is my first time visiting your blog!!! I look forward to returning!!!



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