Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Painting Away

As mentioned earlier in the week I have been keeping busy busy busy.
DIY-Custom-Faux- Window-From My Front Porch To Yours
I finished up painting the faux cathedral window. If you missed the initial post about it you can CLICK HERE. All it needs now is trim and I am hoping to complete that this weekend. It is a fairly easy job but since Mr. Front Porch was overseas and had requested that I wait to use the saw I respected his wishes. 
DIY-Breakfast Nook-Sherwin Williams-Agreeable Gray-From My Front Porch To Yours
Since I couldn't work on the trim for the faux window I decided that I could go ahead and finally finish painting the breakfast nook. See I started painting the main areas of our house a year and half ago and I just stopped here in the nook. I do not know why because it really only took me a few hours. Pretty easy peasy as far as painting goes because of all the windows. 
DIY-Sherwin Williams-Agreeable Gray-Paint-From My Front Porch To Yours
It truly is amazing what a can of paint can accomplish for a space! It is so much brighter now not only in our nook but also the living room area. I really wish I could have had the builder paint the entire house this color but when we signed they were not using Sherwin Williams paint so I had to just pick a color and hope it would be the one. Well, ha it wasn't. Nothing new for me though. I am glad that the painting is completed because now I can start sharing our breakfast nook more with y'all. I rarely ever do posts about it. I actually am coming up with plans for it to have a makeover other than new paint.

Now that painting is done I have been busy decking the halls. I did a little DIY ornament yesterday that I may share with y'all. I have not yet decided if I like it or not. LOL.


  1. I love the color on the walls and love love love your bigger baseboards. The faux painting is great too. You go girl. Looking good.

  2. Really looks nice and waiting to see photos of the finished window.


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