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Creative Home Expressions.

 Kathy over at Creative Home Expressions recently shared what pieces of furniture in her home are off limits to painting. She then wanted to know what pieces were off limits in our homes. Here are my untouchables.

I purchased not one but two of these fabulous french country chairs last year from the local yard sale site. They were only $25 a piece and a steal in my book. There was not a thing wrong with them and solid as can be. I love all of the embellishing and could never even think of painting these lovelies. Now mind you I have seen similar painted and love those as well but for these they will forever stay in their original state. If I ever find some extra ones though they may just get painted!;) 

This is a piece that The Nana bought for us back when we moved into our first home. I have always loved vintage pieces and this was my very piece. 

I purchased this french country bench right after we moved into our current home. I just love it and I do not foresee ever painting it unless it gets beat up from wear and tear from two little boys. 

This is our little dining set in the breakfast room. I purchased the table at Lowes back before The Hubster and I were married. It was the very last one and had DISPLAY stamped on the top in red ink. I talked them into selling it to me for just $25! I took it to my future in laws garage and started working on it with The Nana. 
This was the first piece of furniture I ever refinished. I can not imagine changing it in anyway but I do need to sand the top down and re stain it. After ten years and two boys it needs a fresh coat.

Our chairs in here will never be painted either. I purchased them at Lowes around the same time as the table. They were on clearance for just $25 for a set of two!! I guess I have been a bargain shopper from the very beginning. I can remember The Papa putting a set of these together just so we could see what they looked like. One set was enough for him!;) I did just recently added the iron scrolly piece to two of the chairs though.

This is our kitchen island that I transformed awhile back. It took quite a few months but so worth it to me. I just love this piece to pieces and it would seriously pain me to ever have to change it! You can see its transformation here.

Now this piece is the piece of all pieces. It will NEVER get touched. The Papa made this for me and The Hubster as a wedding gift! I just love it in every way! It is a piece we will cherish forever and hopefully pass down generation to generation.

So there you have my untouchables. Funny thing I noticed when doing this post was that $25 is the magic number for me. Most everything I purchased was $25! How funny!

What are your untouchables?


  1. Great prices on those chairs. Beautiful the way they are. Love that chest that was your first piece. Can't believe the white chairs came from Lowes. I did not know they even had furniture. Or maybe they used to.

  2. I'm still in awe over that kitchen Island transformation!
    Love it!
    I think I only have 1 untouchable, it's an antique mirror my dad gave me, I actually had to promise not to paint it, LOL! But I do appreciate it and it's a beauty in it's natural state :)

  3. you have some great pieces! I paint a lot of our furniture, but one thing I would never paint is our old singer sewing machine table, it was my husband's grandmother's

  4. Two of those chairs, you say, Pamela? : ) Love them and I wouldn't paint them either! Great bench and you know I love your island. You did a really great job on that. Thanks very much for the link back!

  5. you found some great pieces at any price, but 25.00 wow.. I wouldnt paint those either...

  6. What wonderful treasures you have, Pam! I'm in love with your entire home ...very beautifully decorated.

    This is my first visit to your blog but certainly not my last. I'm your newest follower!



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