Saturday, July 23, 2011

Climbing Roses

I bought some gorgeous climbing roses back in the spring. It took me awhile to figure out where I wanted to plant them. I finally decided and well after planting them the weather warmed up and the drought hit us hard. They looked pretty pitiful and to be honest I was not sure they were going to make it.

I walked out back tonight and look what I found!

We had rain three days this past week. My roses apparently LOVED that. This one is a little weak compared to the blooms it was getting but to me it is still beautiful.

Look there is another bud about to bloom! I can't wait. I am hoping that I will soon have clusters like I had back in the spring. I thought I had taken pics to share but for some reason I can not find those.
Here is the one bush that has done relatively well compared to its sister. It has always been a full plant. No buds on it yet though.

I ended up planting them on either side of the guest bedroom window. I am hoping they will climb up the brick eventually on their own but I have a feeling I will need to buy some trellis to help them out.

Hope your weekend is going well! Off to Baskin Robins. Littliest is dying to get a Captain America Sundae even though it is bigger than him!;)


  1. It is always exciting to get that first bloom. Those will look great climbing that wall.

  2. Oh if they climb up on the wall, it is going to be fabulous. Congrats on the first bloom!

  3. They will look beautiful around that window, Pamela. I found that when I stopped babying my roses they did much better. Of course, they need water, but a long time ago I used to get the stuff for the black spot on the leaves and I also used old banana peels chopped up and dug around them. I'm seeing some really resilient plants coming back for me that I thought died from all our heat and humidity.


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