Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Work In Progress

Edited Note on 8/20/10- Linking up to Nesters spur of the moment liky party about tables and chairs. Our dining room table is from Havertys. The chairs are Pottery Barn inspired  and the bench I purchased at an unfinished wood furniture place in Baton Rouge. The french country arm chair in the corner is a local yard sale find! Thanx for stopping by and be sure to check out my April Cornell Giveaway!

Happy Friday ya'll! Hope this week has been a good one for ya! Today I am sharing the progress I have made in our dinning room. It has been a long process with much indecision because there are just soo many beautiful inspirations out there. I attempted many colors and was thinking of actually going with green on the walls and then doing black and white toile curtains. I ordered the fab but sent it back. I was then thinking maybe red but that would make it too dark and I wanted to warm it up and brighten it up.

I purchased many testers. I just could not make up my mind.

Then what made it harder was the fact that I found these curtains at Tuesday Morning back at the beginning of the year. I loved them but they are a funny green/beige color which made paint choices even harder. See that cream in the corner on the wall. It was in the lead.

Here is the dining room before we moved in. A blank slate. How endless the possibilities were!

Here is the dining room today! I finally decided on Ivorie by Sherwin Williams for the top and then just a basic white for the bottom. Funny thing is is that cream color in the corner in the previous picture was the tester Ivorie. The gallon Ivorie is totally differ....or maybe I mixed up my colors. That could very well have happened. Either way I ended up loving it. Ivorie is one up from Whole Wheat on the strip and we have Whole Wheat in the main portions of our home. This pic is with the light off. We are going to purchase bamboo blinds for the windows eventually. They are a pretty penny since they have to be custom made.

Here is a pic with the lights on and the flash on. There is the blue Windsor bench. I like the subtle punch of color.

Here is the view from the kitchen hallway into the dining room before we moved in.

Here it is now. One of the first things I purchased for this room other than the table was the rug from Ballard. Not sure I will purchase a rug first next time. It made the curtain choice hard as well. I do love it though!

The curtain dilemma continues for the mere fact that I do not like how I hung them.

It was suppose to be an inexpensive way to get around purchasing an expensive wooden rod that we would have to cut and then the finials on top of it all. I have since purchased a rod at HobLob that we are gonna attempt to cut down. I will let ya know how it turns out.

See the hem is let out and they are still short and of course there is the issue of the trim not being long enough. They will soon be re-hemmed.

Here is an option to add more punch to the room. I am thinking of making a topper with this gingham fabric I purchased at Garden Ridge. It was $5.99 for 2 yards! A steal! If I make a topper then it will solve my length issue but may mean I have to undo the pinch pleats of the rooster curtains. I would love some ideas if ya have any!

Once I get another hanging kit the scrolly Pottery Barn votive holder will be hung on this wall.
What should I do on this wall?? Eventually I want to rip down the chair molding and do board and batten. We have textured walls though so it will be a huge undertaking. Instead I am thinking a fancy picture molding that I can maybe mirror around the chandy on the ceiling.

Here is a pic of the bench fully painted. I am thinking of making the seat darker. I have not put poly on it yet because of this.
Thanx for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the tour. Please flood me with ideas!! I sure could use um!


  1. Your drapes may be a little bit short, but I love them! I think it sounds like a good idea of doing a topper (or one that maybe attaches to the drapes and gives you that extra length you need). I like the check fabric, but I also like that bit you have draped over it. JC Penney carries those short rods if you don't want to get involved in cutting rods. I order those when I'm doing this look for a client.

  2. You certainly are one busy lady. I would sew some more fabric perhaps to the drapes but then again I would have to glue it on since I do not sew so don't listen to me:-) You were certainly busy in your previous post with the bench and I love the fact that you found the chair at a tag sale for so little $$$. It wall comes together well. I am doing a complete remodel of our beach house and have to have all the choices made within the next two weeks so I am in a complete tizzy!

  3. Pamela, what a beautiful dining room. I like your color choice. I always like a neutral on the walls then you can add whatever color to it. Love your hardwood floors and those windows are so neat. I like the idea of just adding a little to the curtain you have there to lengthen them because I love that look. You are on the right track keep it up, it is beautiful.

  4. I think your Dining room looks great, if you can find the right fabric on the drapes that would look great as well. You don't really notice it but if it bothers you, you could add some fabric.

  5. Gosh.. I have nothing to add other than.. I love what you've done. You are such a talented person. That touch of red just looks wonderful. I found out by accident one time that my black, brown and tan tweed sofa looked fabulous next to red. And I'm not a red person... but I sure liked that.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Ladybug Creek
    Hmmm... good weekend party music!!

  6. Your dining room is beautiful. I love your curtains and also think the extra fabric would take them up a notch. Great job!

  7. It looks fabulous!!! And I like how you hung your drapes. :)

  8. Greetings! Wow, your dining room looks so nice. I absolutely LOVE your bench! Love how it looks in there, but I would just plain love it anywhere!
    Best regards,


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