Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thrifty Treasure & A Redo

It has been almost a week since my last post. Finally...knocking on wood...everybody here is well and we are getting back into our normal groove. It has just been one thing after another since May and I am hoping things will quiet down till school starts back up.
Our 4th was a pleasant one and I hope that yours was too! We went to watch fireworks up at the church where Littliest goes to preschool. It lasted all of ten minutes but they were very pretty. We parked at a local business near by and sat in the back of The Hubsters truck. The boys were just tickled! Afterwards we came home to our sparklers and few works we had and the neighbors were out doing theirs. Seeing as we had not met most of them and we have been here a year officially now we thought we should go down and introduce ourselves and join in on the fun. Again the boys were just tickled!

Not too much else going on around here except for some more rain. In between playing mommy nurse I was able to tackle a few projects while the boys were down and out. It was totally weird because they never had a fever nor acted sick just had the barforama going on. I insisted they stay on the couch though and just watch tv. Worked out nicely. But before I show ya one of the projects I completed I must show ya'll my thrifty treasure first mainly because I loaded my pics backwards but hey it all works!;)

Are these not beauties!? Found um on the local yard sale site and finally I was the first one to respond on something I really wanted! WhooHoo! They needed a good wipe down and so they ended up in the messiest area of the house...and this evening after dinner I wiped them down and disinfected them. Yes, I am a germaphobe.

For now I am placing one here in our dining room in the corner. The other one will be my chair in our day in say the next month or be office.

I was thinking of possibly painting and then selling one of them but while I was wiping them down I just fell in love with all the details on them! I was told they are antiques.

Look at the carvings that trail down to even the legs! Just beautiful!

I wish I knew exactly how old they are. They have a stamp on them but it just too hard to make out what it says. They are super duper sturdy!! Nothing like furniture these days so I am sure they are old, just how old is the question. If anybody has a chair like this and knows any info abt them please share! Oh, what makes them all the more wonderful was that they were just $25 a piece!! I just think that that was an outstanding deal especially if they really are antiques!

Okay now on to my first project I tackled. I purchased this bench before we moved here over a year ago. I at first I thought I was going to just paint um black and slightly distress it to match our table.

That changed and so I started adding on colors. First was white and then a layer of a buttery yellow.

Next I used the Tomatoe Red that I used on the guest bedroom headboard awhile back.
Looks kinda scary I know!

After 5 coats of paint, distressing and some stain here is the final finish! I wanted to add some blue to all the rooms in the house and so I figured the bench was a perfect way to add it to the dinning room. Seeing as somehow I managed to NOT download the pic with the entire bench in it ya'll will have to come back and see it in all its glory. I will have another reveal then!;) Have a good one ya'll!
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  1. I love those chairs! They would have been in my car too and 25$ each!!! I would be on cloud 9! Love the redo on the bench and I bookmarked your site, have to see the total picture. Mary

  2. What a great find with the chairs. I would be curious to see how much they are really worth. I'm sure an antique store could help you out.

    Love the bench!! SO neat. Can't wait to see the final project.

    And glad everything is going back to normal.

  3. Glad everyone is healthy in your house once again! I love those chairs, Pamela! Great score ~ they are gorgeous. I was thinking one would be a good office chair. I also really like the fabric I see peeking out next to the chair in your dining room. Do you recall the name of it? Love the blue in the bench ~ I'll bet it gives a great look to the room over all.

  4. The chairs are amazing! I never find anything that wonderful at a garage sale! What great finds! And...the bench distressing is a beaut! Great job.

    I would love for you to check out my blog for a fun giveaway! Have a wonderful night!

  5. Hi Pamela, I have a chair identical to the two you purchased. I purchased mine new from a furniture store around 20 years ago. I paid somewhere around $125 for it then. Even though they are not antique I just love the chairs. They are beautifully made and will look fabulous in your home. You got quite a deal at $25 each.
    Hugs, Sherry

  6. You did a really nice job with the bench!


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