Monday, July 26, 2010

One More Project...

Over the weekend I was able to check one more project off my never ending list of projects around the house with help from The Hubster. The office has been painted and I am loving it! We had to purchase an 8 ft ladder which was a bit intimidating at first but after awhile the jelly legs went away. The Hubster does not quite understand why I love painting but I do! It is just such a great sense of accomplishment for me to come up with a plan and actually see it thru to fruition. It makes me Home Goods Happy! Ha!
Anyways, I wanted to do a feature wall in the office but I did not want to do just a plain feature wall. I wanted it to stand out in the room and be rich and some what manly. I researched faux techniques and decided on a suede effect for the wall. I was going to purchase the suede paint at Lowes but when I went there the lady told me it was only available in the colors it listed and that it involved a 4 step process! I decided to check Sherwin Williams first before purchasing since I wanted the paint in Svelte Sage. That and I had a 30% off coupon. The suede paint at Lowes was $40 a gallon! Got to Sherwin Williams and was looking at their faux paints and they were almost $80 a gallon!!! I nearly fell over! Thankfully for some odd reason their Suede Illusions paint was only $14.99 a gallon ladies!!! Yes, just $14.99! On top of that I got the additional 30% off!! I was soo excited! They could not mix it in any colors except the Illusions colors they had but I found the color card Green Tortoise and asked the gal if she could do like 75% on the formula instead of the full formula and she agreed! I was hoping it would turn out just to be a darker shade of Svelte Sage. If not and I did not like it then it was less than $11! It was worth a shot.

Here is the first coat of the SW Suede Illusions Paint. It was SUPER easy to do ya'll!! All ya have to do is put on the first coat and trim as well. Then wait 4 hours for it to dry and then take a 3 inch brush and blend it all in with X's!! That is it! It was my first time doing a faux treatment but I was thrilled with how it turned out and just how easy it was! At first I was worried abt the blending in of the trimming but it really was super easy.

I was not however thrilled with this mess!! I am NOT a tapper. I hate tapping and thus I just do not do it. Even if I was a tapper tapping however would not have helped in this situation! Though the Suede treatment was super easy it was SUPER messy! I had even purchased the special roller with a splatter guard and well that was a waste!

This little tool became my best friend as well as my hand held vacuum! All the splatter came right up off the floor and then I just used a warm cloth and rubbed the baseboard down. Glad it was only one wall! It would have taken FOREVER to clean up if not! The baseboard could use repainting but all of them could so I am saving that project for the fall.

Here is the office last week after we cleaned it out. Note The Hubsters crapolla every where.

Here is the office today! Notice the lack of The Hubsters crapolla every where!

View of the windows before paint.

View after painting. I need to hang the curtains up and was hoping to get that done today but of course as always HobLob does not have a 40% off coupon nor is there metal wrought iron stuff on sale this week. So the curtains will wait. Not quite sure how I am gonna hang um anyways.

Here is another view. Sorry the pics are a tad dark. The light is so bright in there that the camera has no idea what to do with it!;)

Another view. I am hoping to get the bookcases done this week and get um in their new spot on either side of the "desk" this weekend. Have I mentioned how much I am just loving that suede wall!?

Now this is an area that will be a work in progress. It is where all The Hubsters crapolla ended up. At least it is out of my foyer, living room, and dining room! We are not quite sure what we will do for this area. I am thinking of possibly staining the table darker and then making a skirt for it so that The Hubster can still store his bins under there. Then we may get another tall file cabinet and then do shelving above the table. We were thinking an armoire but I am afraid once we get the book cases in there that adding an armoire will make the room look too full and that wall too heavy since it is not the feature wall. A work in progress which is what I love abt all of this! It is the thrill of the bargain hunt that I get high on! I am also now looking forward to going ahead with painting the dining room ceiling blue ya'll!!
Hope ya'll had a great weekend and thanx for stopping by! I will share my newest treasure hunt find in my next post.
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  1. Wow, everything looks wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a good evening!

  2. Love that wall color! You made me laugh at the getting high on the thrill of the hunt. Me too, me too!!

  3. That suade paint is beautiful. I love that. It makes everything so rich, and it is perfect for an office or den. That is a great color too. It turned out beautiful.

  4. What a great effect! You did a great job. I hate taping too, but I usually do tape the base boards b/c I HATE!!! cleaning it all up worse than I hate taping! LOL!

  5. The suede wall looks STUNNING! That's going to be one heck of an office when you're done! :)

  6. Your wall looks fantastic. I worked for 11 years in the decorative painting business and yours looks better than some of the so called professionals that I have seen...good job! Lovin' the color.

  7. Nice, Pamela! Great job on finding the paint much cheaper! I also like the color in your foyer(?) with the black sconces on the wall. It looks similar to the new paint color in the one picture, but I'm guessing you had that up already.

  8. Hi Pamela, Love the color you used and the suede effect on the wall. Everything looks wonderful.
    Hugs, Sherry

  9. That color is so pretty. You did a great job on it.
    You have a great eye for putting a room together.
    ♥ Joy


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