Monday, August 2, 2010

New Obsessions

Hey ya'll! Hope your Monday is going well! We have had a super one. Not too many Mondays are but today was a good one. I sold my first key fob/wristlet so I was tickled!:) We ran errands and I found some wonderful pieces for my sewing room! I will share those soon I promise but for now I want to share with you my new obsession!

In the past three days I have purchased not one but two decorating coffee table books. I am truly obsessed with these two! Ha! I look thru them over and over again and just dream abt the possibilities.

My first purchase was this one by April Cornwell. I love her use of color and patterns!

Look at that beautiful bedroom! The pictures and illustrations in this book are amazing!

This is her living room. Again all the color I love.

This is what caught my eye the most abt that room though. I love the transom window she has hanging up in her window.

I also love her dining room! See that Tudor style window back there behind the plates? Well it got me thinking.

This is a pic of our living room windows. They are pretty tall and yes there are three of them but The Hubster was already sitting in his chair and playing on his Ipad refusing a pic so you will just have to use your imagination abt the third window. I was wanting to do bamboo shades but then after I saw those pics I decided I want to either hunt down old stained glass transoms at a bargain price..yeah right...or have The Papa help me make a faux tudor style window. It won't have the glass in it, just the framing for one. He does not know this yet so shhh for now!;) Ha! Not sure it can be done but if it can I plan on hanging one in each window and then....

doing a second set of sheer panels below the faux transoms like in this pic from over at Beyond The Screen Door. I LOVE Sonya's blog!!! She has sooo many window treatment inspirations it is not funny! After seeing all of them I now think I may have to go out and buy extra yardage to add to mine so I can do a double pouf like this as well. Not sure how to double pouf but I will figure it out. Sounds like a Nana and me project!;) So now I am on a mission!

As if that was not enough inspiration I found this book today!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! Did I mention how much I LOVE this book!? Ha!

Look at this gorgeous layout! It just makes ya wanna drool doesn't it!;) Annie Sloan is marvelous! I told The Hubster we have to move to England so I can go to her shop and take her class!

This book is fantastic because not only does she share her words of wisdom on how to create the French look in your home she also gives you step by step directions on how to achieve some of her painting techniques! She uses chalk paint and wax! That's it! I am so in love with this book that I went straight to Anne's website to see if it was even possible for me to purchase any of her paints and believe it or not with a few more bibs sewn I can probably do it! I can not wait!!
So there ya have it! My new obsessions! Ya got any?
Oh and if you want to get your hands on either of these books you can find them here.
April Cornell At Home- Amazon or if you are lucky enough to have a HomeGoods near by check there first! I got mine for just $5.99!!
Creating The French Look- Amazon as well. HomeGoods too for just $10!! I have cheap obsessions which is a good thing!Ha!
If I can get my hands on another copy of either of these I will do a giveaway for um! Stay tuned!


  1. I may have to get the book Creating the French look. All of a sudden, I am really starting to love the syle of french design... especially the fabrics. I will check this out. Thanks!!

  2. Pam! Thank you for featuring my window treatment in your post! I am honored! I think these would look great on your wall of THREE windows! Great choice!

  3. Oh! By the way...I love April Cornell! Such great fabrics!

  4. Those books are beautiful - definitely drool-worthy! :) Can't wait to see what you do with the windows and everything else 'cause I KNOW your not going to stop with just the windows! ;)

  5. The books look wonderful Pamela! I love those plaid drapes. Wow! They are just gorgeous.

    Thanks for checking out our new little crepe myrtles! I wish they were larger but I know they will grow fast here in the Carolinas. They are not planted in the plastic buckets. That is a round plastic tree ring around them that holds the pine bark mulch. They sell them at Lowes. I wish ya'll could have kept yours. So sorry.

    Have a great night.
    ~Melissa :)

  6. I never thought to look to Home Goods for decorating books. Thanks for that, Pamela! I must not go by them so I don't even think about them having books. Meanwhile, I've got 3 sitting in my "wish list" on Amazon so it may be worth checking Home Goods first. Great pictures in these books ~ I love looking through mine over and over, too.

  7. I've never heard of April but after reading this post and seeing the photos, wow, is she talented. I've got to get my hands on her book :)

  8. You are so talented! You have the touch with decorating and creating the most precious things.


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