Friday, July 23, 2010

Home Office In The Midst

So last week The Hubster talked me into starting on the home office. I mean we have only been here a year and there it still just sits. I was soo not ready to tackle that project but since he was ready and rearing to go plus ready to help I said sure why not. Here is as far as we have gotten.

Here we are looking into to the office in February. It was a Christmas storage area for a short time. Christmas finally got put away but then that left the rest of The Hubsters crapolla to contend with.

Here is where it has ended up.

As well as in here. I am sure you can see why I may be a little nutso right now. It is like we just moved in all over again. But ya know they say it always gets worse before it gets better with home projects.

Here is the view into the office from the dining room present day.

I think we will be purchasing the paint tomorrow. I think I we will be going with Whole Wheat on all the walls except the middle wall. I think the middle wall will be Svelte Sage. I also think I may attempt a suede finish over the Svelte Sage. This all of course is just what I am thinking as of this very moment. It may very well change between today and tomorrow. With the 14 ft walls I have to make 100% sure my thinking is what I really want. There are no do overs anytime in the near future. Pretty much it will mirror the entry into the office. Any thoughts or suggestions on paint color please share!
I am loving the rug which is an indoor/outdoor rug that we purchased at Costco about a month ago for just $70!! Quite a steal for that size rug I think! The table that we are using as a desk was FREE from our neighbor. They sat it out at the curb during the last yard sale. The curtains are $9.99 a panel from Tuesday Morning. Not quite sure how I am hanging them yet. I may have to add some fab to make um long enough. Eventually the little windows will have bamboo blinds added to match the little windows in the dinning room. All custom which will have to wait.

Here is the opposite corner of the office. It will be our challenge. We have to figure out what to put all of The Hubsters crapolla in.

These will hold some of it and are much further along than they are in this pic. I am just going back and fourth on what else I want to do to them. They will go on either side of the "desk".
Here is the view from the office into the foyer. I am thinking some kind of wood architecture piece above the door or an ironwork. Whatever is cheap! Ha! It does need something though.

And as if the office was not enough look at this inspiration pic. I LOVE the ceiling in this dining room! I love it so much that....

I added a touch of blue to ours. Super size the pic so you can better see it over there in the corner. What do you think?? Should I go for it or should I just stay white?? I am hoping the faux box ceiling will be an easy project to do. Then I will add the picture box trim around the bottom of the chair rail and then the dining room will be almost 100% complete! At least for now. I am thinking Santa needs to come early and bring me this in the near future.

Have a great weekend! In the morning we are off to pick up something that I am just dying to get my hands on!!! I am SUPER excited and can not wait to share!


  1. Pamela the study is looking great. I can't wait to see the paint.
    YES YES! Paint the ceiling in your dining room and in your study.
    I now have painted every ceiling in my house except my kids rooms and love it.
    That color blue would look beautiful. You won't regret it.
    I painted my dining room ceiling Summer Gold Metallic by Ralph Lauren and my Study is Lush Brown Metallic. Come see it any time you want.
    I am so happy with it.
    Can't wait to see yours when your done.
    ♥ Joy

  2. My friend painted a few rooms using a suede treatment process from Sherwin and Williams. It is beautiful and she claims it is very easy. Decorating is a process, isn't it! Your home is so beautiful! Have fun planning and pulling it all together. Thanks for sharing the process with us :)


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