Thursday, July 22, 2010

This & That & The Other

It has been storming all week so we are kinda disappointed we are not able to spend time up at the pool. Speaking of which it is thundering right now. Urgh. Since we have been stuck inside I have been trying to keep myself busy and sane while Oldest and Littliest busy themselves with cars and Geo Trax.
HobLob finally had a 40% coupon this week but wouldn't ya know it their trim was 30% off. I still used the 40% off though on the $6.99 trim. For $20 here are some lamp updates that I have completed the past few days.

This is a before and sorta completed chandy shade.

Here are all of the chandy shades 100% completed! I love how they turned out. At first I was just going to place that smaller trim at the top of the shades but then decided it looked even nicer with it paired up with the ball trim. Thankfully the smaller trim was only $1.26 because I purchased over 6 yards of it!:)

This pics is from wayyyyyyyyy back last fall when I was still trying to figure out window treatments for the breakfast room. That material will soon become aprons but I digress. See that lamp up there on the pie safe? It has tiny little bright red beads all round the bottom. They did not match the lamp what so ever.

I chopped off the little red beads and added the same trim from the chandy to this shade as well plus several others thru out the house just to tie things in together.

HobLob lamp in the living room which I loved but was kinda blah.

Blah shade now updated. Sorry for the poor pic quality. The light was streaming thru the window too much for the camera....yeah, it is the cameras fault!;)

Here is a lamp we purchased at Lowes. It is actually a pair of buffet lamps. I love the little sage colored bow on it.

Here it is today. I am trying to find some antique looking pin or something to add to the center of the bows.

Now this shade needs some loving but I am lost on what to do with it. I am afraid to add color to it but at the same time I do not want to go all black and khaki. Any suggestions?

Here is also another project I have been working on. Key fobs/wristlets! For awhile now I have been wanting to start making some other things than just baby items and so this is what I have come up with so far. I have many other ideas but this was the first idea I wanted to accomplish since I already had all the supplies for um.

I have not listed them in my Etsy shop yet because I want to run to HobLob and get a towel thingy to display them from for pics but if you see one you would like to have just let me know which one. I can shoot ya a PayPal invoice and ship it right out to ya!:) They are going to be $6.50 plus $2.00 shipping. If my new items do well I will be opening a new Etsy shop for all of the grown up goodies!:)
Hope your week is going well ya'll! Off to see what else I can busy myself with till the next storm comes thru.


  1. Oh my goodness, send us the rain. We have had none.

    Love the new projects.

  2. Your lamps look GORGEOUS!!! So who's the crafty diva, huh?! :) You better believe I want a key fob! I like the 5th and last ones the best, though they all look great!

    I'll take the rain if you'll take the heat... :)

  3. Those look great! I wish I had more of a decorating bug, but I think I'm mostly lazy when it comes to that area...

    Off-topic, but what kind of labels are those and where did you get them? I have been wanting to get some, but don't know where to start looking.


  4. I love those lamps. And the shades, they just make the lamp don't they. You gave me an idea of how to help this poor lamp I have by my dining table. It needs some sprucing up. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pamela you are really talented at dressing up a lamp. They all look fantastic!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway!
    ~Melissa :)


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