Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday House Tour 2

Happy Sunday! We have been busy over here at our house. We ALL went to brunch at Chuck E Cheese yesterday at 9:30 a.m. for our friends daughter's 5th birthday! Oldest and Littliest were sooo very excited and turns out a good time was had by all. We are not normally Chuck E people. That place makes me nervous. It was nice and quiet though because the craziness of the place was not present. It ended up being the perfect time to go. Afterwards we came home and relaxed a little and then The Hubster got a crazy and said he wanted to start painting the office!! He NEVER says hey lets start a painting project! Ha! I on the other hand said hold up cowboy cause I was NOT in the mood to be painting a room with 14 ft ceilings. I did compromise though and we cleaned the office out which pretty much ment moving all the unpacked boxes of his crapolla out into my orderly dining room and then the foyer. It is driving me INSANE. It is a good thing though because we then placed our "desk" where we...I...wanted it and then also busted out our new rug we had purchased at Costco a few weeks back. I know I will have to roll it back up to paint but I HAD to see what it would look like! HA! I am loving it. Of course no pics just yet. I promise soon though.
Now on to Sunday House Tour 2! This home is in one of our favorite dream communities! It sits on the lake and the golf course. It is the location of where Tin Cup was filmed! How dreamy it would have been to have had a house on the course and watched Costner walking by! Yum!:) We load up the minivan every Christmas Eve and it is the first hood we go light seeing in. The houses there are spectacular and HUGE and so are the lights. There is one circle in there where everybody decorates and it is like a winter wonderland.

I just love this house and all of its charm. To me it is very French Cottage like. Sorry the pics are not very large. It is all they had available to me.

Here is the office which is VERY dark. The first thing I would do is rip out the carpet and put in hand scraped wood floors. Then I would rip out the tile on the fireplace surround and replace it with faux brick tiles. Is that crazy?? I want to do that to our fireplace surround and The Papa is dead set against it. If you are going for french country or even traditional I think you just have to have brick on your fireplace somewhere. Anyways, I then would paint out all of that wood.

Here is the view from the kitchen into the family room. I love that fireplace! In here I would paint out the beams to look like rustic wood beams. Then I would replace the teeny tiny mantle with a larger more look at me mantel. That one is not even large enough to hang Christmas stockings on. The brick floor of course would have to stay because I am sure it would be a pain to rip out or go over. It could work though I would prefer hand scraped wood thru out the entire house if money was not an issue and since it is a dream house then lets say money is NOT an issue and just go for it! Ha!

Here are those beams again! They are to die for! I am just loving this room. Of course all the beams would be painted out faux.

The large double doors to the back yard. I just love these as well. I wish they were wood though and not painted out white. They remind me so much of our front door in Baton Rouge.

Here is the best pic of the kitchen that they had. I hate not having great pics in a listing but in their defense they do have a virtual tour with better pics. I just could not get those for ya. Anyways, Beams again. Been there and addressed those. The counter tops I think are tile granite so I would rip um out and do full granite. A house of this size and price demands slab granite and not tile. The cabinets would be glazed and then a real pretty back splash added.

Check out this porch ya'll!! Southern living at its best!

Everybody say Ohhh Ahhh! Yes, it is spectacular.

I am ready for some nice cold lemon aide! Whose first to jump in!
Okay so the back yard is dreamy but only if the boys were like teeny boppers. Otherwise it appears there is no green space what so ever. A major downer if you want a garden and what not.
All in all it is a beautiful home with soo much potential that if it were mine I would be just giddy! It is a whopping 5,500 sq feet so maybe I would not be soo giddy abt that part. Money is not an issue in this dream though so let the maid come on in! Ha! In all that space there are only 4 bedrooms. Hmmmm, I see a remolding project for a fifth somewhere in there. 5 and half baths and a 3 car garage. The dream could be all yours for just a mere $765,000! Mere pennies in other parts of the country I know! So come on down to god ol' TX where everything is bigger except home prices!
Have a good one ya'll! Hope you enjoyed the tour. Now off to go and surprise the boys with Despicable Me!


  1. Love this house. Especially the backyard and the double doors! Awesome.

  2. Another beautiful dream home. I love the porch and pool. I could get used to that.

  3. What a stunning home! My Southern dream come true!


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