Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay ya'll I have been busy working on a project today that I am just soo thrilled about and I wanted to share it and see if I am just totally crazy or not!Ha!
Two weeks ago on the local yard sale site I found a pair of Country Curtains black and white toile curtains in 84 length. I have always loved toile and since I knew how much they were, $100 new with shipping, they came home with me for a mere $30! I had no idea what I was going to do with them but I HAD to have them.
At the same time of my thrifty purchase I had decided to pull out a cafe curtain project that The Nana and I had started back in um well Oct of last year. I figured it was time to finish a set and see if I was really going to like them. They were Ballard inspired. Finished making um and was highly disappointed. They were the exact same color as our kitchen walls and it was just not what I was looking for. Sorry Nana!:(
From time to time the toile curtains kept popping into my brain saying hey bring me downstairs and see if we will do. Well Sunday evening at well um 11:30 p.m. I finally decided to listen to my brain. I ran upstairs and brought um down. I hung um up and then used some scrape material I was suppose to be making a tie back with for the back door and made a faux tie back for the curtain.
After I hung them I was ready to smack myself for waiting this long to go along with my thought because they could possibly work in this space. I loved the post over at Beyond The Screen Door about how she mixed fabrics that "at first glance you would not think of putting together". I hope Sonya does not mind me quoting her anyways, I love her bathroom treatments and figured hey my breakfast room curtains could be just as beautiful! I mean shoot its been over a year now since we moved in and those windows were still naked. It was worth a shot.

So here are the two 84 inch long curtain panels. I was so thrilled with them I had to bring in the bench from the dining room to see what it would look like if I so happened to get the itchin' to paint our kitchen chairs.

Here they are in the day light.

Another pic where you can see my faux valance with it. I debated and debated over these because well I shared the pics with a good friend and my mom better known to us as Ma and well they hated it. They do not like the combination at all. I was heart broken but appreciated the honest feedback.
Well I decided to throw caution to the wind and said what the hey I love um and will make it work. I measured and measured and measured some more. There was no way I was getting three cafe curtain sets out of two 86' long...yep they were actually 2 inches longer than they were suppose to be...and so I ordered 6.5 yards of a black and white toile from I was keeping my fingers crossed it would work. The fab came and I started on making a panel right away. I was soooo disappointed. Like so disappointed I was wanting to cry. I know really!! Curtains are not a reason to be tearing up ya'll but I was. I WANTED my cafe curtains to be that Country Curtains toile. I HAD to have my cafe curtains be that toile. So I hunted high and low on the net. Went on Ebay and nothing. Posted a listing on the local yard sale site hoping just maybe somebody out there had a panel to spare. Nope but what did pop into my head was the fact that I had an old Country Curtains catalog because on the front of it were curtains made from the fabric I had chosen for our living room before the catalog even came in the mail and I was excited so I kept it. Well in it were the toile curtains! I quickly emailed CC and asked them if there was ANY chance on earth they would have in any of their stores those toile curtains. After several emails it did not look too good. Then later this afternoon CC emailed me and said they had found 4 yards of raw fabric in that print and that they would sell it to me and only charge me for two yards!!!
I took that as a sign ya'll! It was ment to be so at 9:00 p.m. this evening I took the plunge and made my first cut on those beautiful panels and two hours later they turned into by the grace of God cafe curtains!! I have never made curtains without The Nana being around....well actually she makes them for me and I supervise kinda like princess kitty Sophia supervises me....and was tickled pink that they actually came out perfect!

Sorry for the bad phone pic but I was not waiting to download pics again from the camera. So now that I have um made and took the leap of faith what do ya'll think??? Love um hate um? Can you see my vision or like I said am I just crazy??? Remember I am going for a french country cottagey feel in our home. I am going to eventually redo the valance and make the fabric into actual panels instead of just mistreated. I will also this weekend be making the tie backs in the red fabric with polka dots.

Here is another project I started on this week to spruce up the kitchen. I have to wait till next week when hopefully there will be a 40% off coupon. Every time I just have to have something it is always the week they do not offer one! The boys and I went and purchased the top trim since it was just over a $1 a yard but the bottom trim is gulp $6.99 a yard. Yep, a coupon is needed. Those were just scraps I had left over from another project. I think they will look nice once it is all done.
Off to bed. We have brunch at Chuckee Cheese in the a.m.! WhoHoo! Not really but Oldest and Littliest are highly excited. If ya need us we will be there at 9:30 a.m. hence brunch!HA!

Opps, forgot my signature.....Pamela


  1. Well, I for one, like them. That is what they say to me is French Country. If that is what you are going for, you hit it right on.
    I have such a hard time combining fabrics but when I see someone elses I always love it.
    I also love, love, love the trim you are adding to your light shades. That looks so great.

  2. You did a GREAT job on the curtains - I don't know what you were afraid of!! And yes, chica - they DO look good! :)

    Have fun at Chuck E. Cheese - you're a braver woman than I am!!!

  3. LOL, Pamela, I just love your passion for life...curtains and all :) The cafe curtains turned out great and I can't wait to see the finished window with the valance. I have black and white in my kitchen also (ticking stripe) with green walls and I can mix and match like crazy with the black/white. You know me, I get bored quickly with any one thing and change and redo so black/white is the perfect color combination. I love the toile.


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