Sunday, July 11, 2010

House Hunting

Well not really but I do have a passion for looking at houses. If you say hey lets go look at models home I am right there with ya! I peruse the local homes for sale site on a daily basis. I like to see what is for sale in our hood and to see how long it takes for homes to sell. It gives me an idea of what our house will do when the time comes to sell. I also look to get ideas for our home. It is great way to see other people's ideas especially for things like window treatments and what not. Once I even happened upon our floor plan in another hood so we went and checked it out during their open house just to see what they had done with it.
From time to time I like to dream and I look to see what is for sale in an area just north of us. They have some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. Some new and a lot of older homes. I like looking mostly at the older homes and all of their architectural features. We will never be able to afford anything in any of these hoods but again I love to day dream about what I would do with them if we could ever afford one one day.
I decided I would share some of these beautiful homes with ya'll. The first is the most quintessential home of the south if there ever was one! It caught my eye immediately in the list.

Look at those tall stately columns and long front porch! I can picture a few rocking chairs and some topiaries framing the entrance. The curb appeal on this home makes you want to run up that walk way to check the inside out.

Over all this home is pretty much move in ready but does need updating in certain areas. I love this huge foyer and the hardwood floors are to die for! That front door is just divine!

This is the dining room. I love all the moldings and even the color on the walls. I was wanting to attempt red in our dining room but I was afraid it would make it too dark but not this room! It is so bright and inviting. The fireplace is scrumptious as well. I can see many holiday dinners in here.

This is the formal living room. Yet again another fireplace and more beautiful moldings. They even took the molding details up to the ceilings. I want to add some molding to ours one day.

This is a picture from the living room looking on to the kitchen. Those floors again are just beautiful. I would take the flooring up the stairs.

This is the master bath. Cringe! It certainly needs some major TLC but at least the cabinetry appears to be in good shape. Some new flooring, new counter tops, wall paper stripping , and some framed mirrors and new sinks and faucets this room could be divine! I can see a large chandy hanging in the center of the room.

You walk out the back door and are greeted with even more southern delight! Sweet tea by the pool anybody?

Just look at that gazebo back in the corner! This is truly a beautiful home that has sooo much potential. How much you may be asking? Well it has 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 half baths and a three car garage at just over 5200 sq ft for just a mere $565,000! So if ya have just over a half a million and are in our neck of the woods and want to look at this house for yourself I will gladly give you the link to the listing as long as you promise to let me come and tour it!;) I am sure this home would be well over a million in other areas of the country! Come back next week for another home tour!
Hope your weekend was a good one!


  1. Beautiful home!! When we lived in CA I worked for a new home builder and loved every single stinkin minute in those model homes :) I could look at homes forever. Where we live here in Oregon people rarely even "stage" for sale so I don't even look. I miss those days of being a lookey lou. It was one of my favorite hobbies.

    If I'm ever in your neck of Texas we'll go browsing :)

  2. Pamela, I love touring homes, too of all kinds and styles. So much fun to look at other people's homes or new ones and to walk away with some new ideas. Thanks for taking us along to see this home. Love that pool area.

  3. WOW! Pamela it is gorgeous! I wish the Marine Corps would send us to live in Texas. That would be wonderful. I just adore that beautiful state! *Smiles*

  4. I love looking a homes for sale too. This is beautiful. It would be $2 - $3 million in South FLorida...!! Wow. It's gorgeous.

  5. Oh my goodness! We should go house hunting together. I love doing that too.

    When we bought our house I wanted to check out model homes to get decorating ideas. I told My Cowboy to play it cool and tell them we are just looking so they won't waste their time selling to us. Ha, Cowboy tells them that we just bought a house and are checking out the decorating. Then the realtor and Cowboy have this long conversation like they are long lost frinds. Just take that boy somewhere, HA!!

  6. Oh my, I too have a love of touring homes. Any home. I just love to look at them. Decorated or not. That home is sooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous home! I always like looking at the real estate listings too and love touring homes!


  8. I am addicted to house hunting and touring homes. The pool on this house is to die for! Thanks for the tour!


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