Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yummy Yummy Yummy

It's getting cold outside and to warm things up I love making this following dish! I originally found the recipe on Food Network under The Neelys. Well after spending 30 minutes looking for it and the print out of it I have no idea what it is called or the exact measurements for it so I will just call it "Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants" sausage and noodle yumminess! It is SUPER easy and thus can be modified to your personal liking. I only used the original recipe once and then I just flew with it. Ha!
Depending on your fam size purchase anywhere from one to two links of Smithville sausage. Cut into coin sizes and then again in half if you have little ones or if you just want to make the one go further. Boil a box of noodles of choice. It varies depending on who is with me shopping. Most popular choices are bow tie and spiral. You will need EVOO which I just buy the Crisco in a green can. You will also need one to two lemons and some fresh garlic or diced garlic in a jar. After several times using fresh I decided to just go with the jar. You will also need some red pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese. Oh and some fresh parsley for looks. I always forget the parsley.

Again this is super duper easy and pretty much make it to your liking kinda recipe. I fry up the sausage. Boil the box of noodles. I then saute the garlic which I just put in abt 1 tbs full along with a few sprinkles of the red pepper in EVOO. Make it to YOUR heat index!! We tend to like it a little hot hot hot. While doing all of that cut up your lemon and pick out the seeds. Again taste preference here. I think the lemon does cut down on the hot though.

After everything is all done cooking up get out a big ol' bowl and start mixin' up some ingredients! Just add it ALL together and mix it up. Make sure you mix it well because of the lemon juice. Be sure not to forget the parm. I usually add in a half a container when I make two sausage links. Then again we love parm so I actually add in half at any time. Ha! Then mix in your fresh parsley if ya did not forget it at the grocery store.

Now you are ready to eat it up! Let me tell ya this is on of The Hubster's fave dinners and it always makes leftovers which to us are even better than the first serving!
If ya make it let me know how ya like it! If ya happen to know what Neely recipe I am talking abt please let me know that too! I know there are some of ya who don't like flying by the seat and want exact ingredients. I will look again to see if I can find um later.
Oh, and in case ya are wondering the bowl is from WM like 5 yrs ago. I have a set in blue and a set in a french country gold color. They reminded me of the Southern Living dishes I was wanting back then real bad. If ya are a rooster lover then ya can get the rooter dish towel at WM now. You get 6 for just $5!! I love um!
Thanx for stopping by and have a good one ya'll!

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  1. Sounds delicious. The lemon addition was surprising but I bet adds awesome flavor. I love citrus anything in anything so I've got to try this.


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