Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Of This & A Little Of That

Happy Monday ya'll! Geez, it has been a long time since I could say that it has been an enjoyable Monday. Things are starting to look up around here and again thanx for all the well wishes. The Hubster just got the call for his second sleep study so hopefully relief will be here soon for him. Also thanx to my new followers who decided to come along for the ride called my life!
Last weekend..not this past but the one before that...I went to visit the ladies over at The Old Oak Cottage for their Holiday Open House and antiques on the lawn. Oldest and Littliest trailed along as well as The Nana since she had never been to the "cookie store" as the boys like to call it. Doubt they had as much fun as me but they wanted to go.
For the open house all the rooms had been changed up. Look at those beautiful picture frames on the wall. I would take them all home if I could.

Mandy & Marci out did themselves with all the lovely decorations!

When I walked into this room looked what I spied! This was the room where I lost The Nana, Oldest and Littliest. They decided I was taking far too long so they went outside to wait. I debated over and over for abt 30 minutes on whether this beautiful buffet was to come home with us. If you have been reading a few weeks back you saw the to die for hutch that was mine but then was not mine. The lady changed her mind. I was heart broken. So when I saw this piece I was in love. Different ends of the spectrum I know but still would work.

After several measurements and attempting to shove her in the back of the mini van the ladies sweetie pie hubby offered to drive her to our house for me! I WILL BE SO EVER GRATEFUL! Here she sits. (Anybody want a white pillar???) She has required me to change a few plans for the dining room but I will reveal those changes once they are done.

Here is what else I have been working on. I purchased this vintage looking Santa at The Nutcracker the same weekend as the buffet. I knew he was calling out to me to be put on a wreath so home he came. I already owned the wreath which had a few pine cones already on her so after a few pics added and some bells all which I already owned as well this was what I came up with. I am now itching to get the rest of the decorating done. I of curse will share all the fun pics once it is!

I found these cute little guys at HomeGoods. I bought all four. They reminded me of the ones my mom had when I was little which I know where antiques and as luck would have it she no longer owns. I also got the runner from HG as well. I just love that place!!

And here is a pic...bad one I know...of my other gotta have item from the past week. I had seen this lamp a few weeks back at Kirklands and she was $20 I think but they only had one at the time and the beads were all messed up. I am glad I passed because last Friday they had a one day sale and I got her for just $13! They had a bunch. I guess maybe they got a new shipment in just for the event. I just love her and think she was the perfect lamp choice for in the laundry room.

Well off to see if the plumber or air tech has arrived outside yet. Urgh! If it is not one thing it is another but that is the roller coaster of life and in the end it all works out just fine. Have a good one ya'll!


  1. Beautiful buffet. Love the pictures of all your new treasures.

    Glad you are back with us and life is smoothing out before the holidays hit.

  2. The buffet is perfect! And I am loving your Santa wreath!

  3. I just got the bibs in the mail and they are perfect, just adorable!! They look soooo classy, if one can describe baby stuff as classy. My Nathan will be the best bibbed grandson around :)

  4. Wow, that shop looks gorgoeus. That tree is to die for!

  5. Pamela, the wreath is BEAUTIFUL!! You did an amazing job! And I remember those Santa mugs, too. Sweet memories of my Me-maw...


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