Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving ya'll from our home to yours! This Thanksgiving we are actually spending at our home here in Tx. It is the first turkey day we have not been back to Ga in 6 yrs and that was because I was on bed rest with Oldest. Its kinda nice but at the same time I would be lying if I said I was not missing our families. It is a little hard for Oldest and Littliest to understand why we are here this year instead of in Ga and it breaks my heart a little to hear them say how they wish they could be on Ma's back porch playing with their cousins or riding the tractor with their Papa.
Things have just been a whirl wind around here. We have been here 5 mths already and I yet feel settled in. I actually am missing Baton Rouge a tiny tad. Oldest & Littliest and I were just talking abt the Christmas parade down Jones Creek that we would go to every year and how Santa always would come by the house on the fire truck. I even miss some of the shopping and there was not much.
Well it is actually 12:30 am and I need to turn in so I can get up and prepare our turkey day ham! HA! Yes I said ham. I am not cooking a big ol bird for just the four of us. That and it has been 8 yrs since I cooked my last bird.
Have a good and safe one ya'll!!

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  1. Hi Pam,
    I know how weird it can be without family on holidays, but it looks like you create your own happy spirit wherever you are. Your boys are lucky to have a mom like you. If you want to go to a small town Christmas parade, Humble has one on Dec. 1st. I will be joining my broker (Red Door Realty) with our Christmas Express train. I have to be there by 5 so it must start soon after. It is a sweet little parade.


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