Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well the feast is over and a great time was had by all...just the four of us. The dishes are cleaned and even put away. The Hubster is upstairs playing in his man cave and Oldest & Littliest are out back drawing with chalk. I am sitting here pondering how to talk The Hubster into taking us to see A Christmas Carol. Hmmmm.....while I ponder I thought I would share my Top 10 Christmas Movies/ Shows. These are a must and I know I have missed a few but these are what popped into my head first in no particular order.

Rudolph of course. Been watching it since I was a kid myself.

Polar Express became our fave when Oldest was not quite 2. Both boys just LOVE this movie and we have worn out two copies thus far. I DO NOT recommend the 3-D version.

Yes, most consider this more of a Valentine movie and I would say yes then too but for some reason I enjoy it at Christmas as well. I also like watching When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail during the holidays.

This is a must but does not beat out the original. We really wish they would remaster it or whatever it is so that it was a clearer screen. It looks very bad for the time that it was made.
Need I say more on this one!

Fell in love with this one a few years back. Kinda cheesy but I still enjoy it.

This one is not played often enough and I have even asked for it on several occasions from dear Santa but he never seems to remember.

Again another need I say more!:)

My all time most FAVE!!! I have a few tshirts with this guy on it as well as grinchy slippers and of course pjs. I just love this mean rotten hearted fella. Now don't ask why cause no one quiet knows the reason! HA!

Frosty is up there with Rudolph! I was upset when a few yrs back I heard they were thinking of pulling these old faves. That would be tragic!!

Last but certainly not least I have to watch me some Nicholas Cage. The Hubster does not see why this is such a feel good holiday movie but it just is and he enjoys it anyways.

There is also some tv movie with Dolly Parton where she is sent down to be a nanny to some family. I have NO IDEA what it is called but I enjoy that one as well. I think Hallmark plays it every year. Gotta love ya some Dolly during the holidays!

Hope ya'll are feasting well and enjoying the day!!


  1. Family Man is one of my all time favorite movies, as is Little Women!


  2. Hope you had a great day Suzanne!

  3. I'm so glad you have a great day and I love Christmas movies also. I'm looking forward to the new movie with the dog (can't remember what it's called) that's coming up on TV.

  4. Rudolf, A Christmas Story and Elf are faves at our house!

  5. My all time favorite Christmas movie that I watch ever year is White Christmas, with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary it!

  6. hi Pamela! I have you signed up for December Doors of Welcome. See you then!
    Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds


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