Friday, November 13, 2009

"Trust Me"

That is what I said to The Hubster tonight when he walked into the dining room to see what I was doing. His words "It's blue!". Again I said trust me!

This is the second round of Stratton Blue by Ben Moore done Sherwin Williams way. I went in to have them color match since I can not get sample paints in this color at Ace. The first attempt was at full color mix. It was too sea foamy to me. So I went back today and we did it at 70%. Sorry for the poor pic quality. It is from my Twitter album. Picture the bottom half white.
In the end even though I told The Hubster trust me I am not so sure myself. I am totally going against the grain with this color. It is not a "me" color but yet I am very drawn to it. I figure I can bring that color thru out the house in other items such a pillows and other "pretties". My thought is that will then make it flow and not be a "What was she thinking?" in people's minds when they walk thru the front door.

I am making myself go thru with the color because in the end it's just paint. In the end it could end up just as I pictured it. In the end I could love it or I could hate it but I will never know till I do it.

Enjoy your weekend ya'll! Tomorrow I am having an actual girls day out with an old neighbor friend. She invited me to the Nutcracker craft show/bizarre. Never been but always have wanted to go. I have NEVER been away from my men for an entire day all by myself. Wish me luck! Sunday The Nana, Oldest, & Littliest will be going to Christmas Open House/Antiques on the Lawn at Old Oak Cottage. I can't wait and Oldest & Littliest hope there will be more cookies!
Have a good one ya'll!


  1. I can't wait to see the finished room. I think that blue could look really good.

    Yes, it's only paint. Lord only knows how many times I've been just a bit off in my color choices only to repaint.

  2. Hi Pam! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is so nice to meet a "local". You are obviously very talented and from what I can tell from your color choice it is going to work well. I look forward to seeing the final project.


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