Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dining Room Color Inspiration

Happy Hump Day Ya'll! I have 20 minutes till I have to leave to get Oldest so I figured I could squeeze in a quick post. If ya have been following my blog then ya know we moved into a new home abt 4 mths ago and have been working on making it ours. I have major OCD and have yet to finish any one room completely. I either get frustrated, bored, or find something for another room of the house. Not really the best way to get things done but they are slowly coming together.

It took me literally two months and two dozen paint samples before I figured out the color scheme for most of the house. Camel Back by Sherwin Williams for the kitchen. Whole Wheat for the living room and common areas with Svelte Sage also by SW for art niches and insets. I was set on painting the dining room a blue color. I then started thinking that blue would not fit in with the other colors. Then I was back to blue because I said so what who cares if it flows or not. I wanted blue especially after I had found those awesome plates at HomeGoods.

Here is the room in question from our foyer. Yes, that is the indoor/outdoor rug from Ballard! Isn't it divine!!

View of dining room coming from kitchen area. As you can see I have already attempted a few blues and none are winners. The Windsor bench soon will be a distressed black.

View from the dining room windows. Please what ever you do do not tell me ya like the color it already is cause its too late for that and well it is builder grade and does not flow with the SW paint anymore. Ya can tell the difference in the quality of paints. There on the table are the inspiration plates!

Here is a DIVINE dining room. Found this pic on the local yard sale site. They are selling their Crate N Barrel dining set for just $650. Great deal but not needed. What jumped out was her walls and her mantel and her wood floors but mostly her walls. I emailed her and asked her the color. She thought Stafford Blue by Ben Moore. I looked and no such luck. No color existed. Then I stumbled upon a google listing for Stratton Blue by BM, Bingo!

Here are the curtains I am wanting to make. Black Gingham. So what do ya'll think?? Should I have SW color match the Stratton Blue?? Do ya think it will all flow???
Okay gotta get the Oldest. 2 min to spare! Ha!


  1. Girl, we just gotta keep comparing notes. This is just getting too weird. I'm attaching the link to what I've been looking at for the last two days for my BR. See skirt and shams..... :)

  2. Sorry, I guess the link does not work in comments.

    Oh, and your Whole Wheat is very, very, very similar to my Tobacco Road :)

  3. looks similar to Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams... which i put in my master bed. i love it!!!


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