Monday, November 9, 2009

DIY Rooster Tassel

It is that time again over at A Soft Place to Land for DIY Tuesday! My rooster tassel project actually turned into two projects sadly enough. After seeing The Nester's beautiful tassels and other fellow bloggers I knew I had to try my hand at making a rooster tassel. I ran down to HobLob in search of some poly resin roosters I had seen in other posts. They had exactly two left. A white one and a black and red colored one. I purchased both! I decided to start tassel making with the black one first. I did not like him all black though so to make him go with my decor better I used some Rub N Buff also found at HobLob. I then got out a teeny tiny drill bit and drilled a small hole big enough for me to screw in the eyelet. I was nervous seeing as I read horror stories abt things breaking.

To my joy the rooster survived and I decided to take pics of my progress. Well that led to me almost knocking my sweet tea on the floor which then led to me actually dropping my poor rooster on the floor instead and a few choice words that can not be mentioned here. At first I was disheartened but remembered that I had some type of craft glue that I had used on the boys toys before and gave it a shot.

My poor rooster. She never had a chance really!:)

There is the glue laying on the counter. I was excited once again when it appeared the rooster was going to pull thru.

After gluing the frills on I decided I wanted a bow on its butt so I reused some wired ribbon I already had that was hanging a picture I had taken down to fancy her up.

The bow turned out great I think.

She is not much but I am proud of her especially since she was my first tassel and my last thus far. She proudly hangs from my oven door and ya can not even tell she was once in pieces!

Oh, one thing I did not think of was to be sure to add some type of fluff in the center. I did not and she was a rather flat looking tassel. She just hung there. To solve this problem I took a wooden egg I had and Rub N Buffed it and then glued it to the middle of the tassel. Nobody knows its there but me but I thought it was a cute resolution to my dilemma and now she has some sass.
Thanx for stopping by! Now run over to Kimba's for other great projects!

Edited Note: Rub N Buff can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or maybe any craft outlet. If you can not find it locally look here.

It is wonderful!! Only a teeny tiny dab will do ya and I recommend practicing before hand on something else to get the look you are wanting or else. It does NOT rub off. You will have to repaint whatever it is. I learned the hard way.


  1. this is such a darling save and to use an egg underneath -- cute cute!

  2. Oh, that's so cute! I would have no idea how to even begin making a tassel. Great job!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! To answer your question, I got the wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby last spring. And you're right- it would make a great lining to the back of a cabinet... I actually used it to line a bookshelf in my front entryway!

  3. Hi, Pamala! LOVE this tassel!! LOVE IT!!! That rooster is perfect!! - You have a beautiful blog!! I will be back! :)

  4. That turned out sooooo cute.

    What is rub n buff? I've painted a lamp and it's too dry looking just black so I'm looking for a tad of bling and I love the color your rooster turned out.

  5. Oh I love how he turned out...adorable!!! The ribbon on his bottom is such a cute idea...I love the color!!!


  6. Wow! I love it. You are so talented! Love the "fluff", I would have never known!

  7. That turned out amazing! If you hadn't told me that the tail broke off and you had to add the egg, I would have never known! I love it!


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