Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Hutch Update: The lady just emailed me to say they are going to move it into another room and try it there instead of selling. If she does not like it there then she will call me.I am heart broken! I had so many plans for it.

Happy Sunday morning ya'll! Hope you have a relaxing day spent with family and friends. Ours will be busy busy busy and more busy. Have make up homework for Oldest, looking at that hutch, grocery shopping, swing set assembly some more and working on listings for the shop. Be sure to stop on by and take a peek. I just added a bunch of new items from Holiday bibs, blankets and even a few pacifier clips! Off to get the monkies dressed so we can be on our way. I will let ya'll know if the hutch comes home with us!;)

My version of the popular binky clip. I actually sew the ribbon on now and the pear; snap is placed below the ribbon.

I love this vintage print by Alexander Henry! Very unique.

My Take A Long blankie. It is SUPER DUPER soft with a minky snail backing! Get it while ya can because I only have one made. Measures approx 18x28.

P.s I promise to not always hock my wares on ya. It just has been awhile since I listed new goods!;)

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