Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Furniture Placement & Other Stuff

Whew! Its been a busy one around here ya'll. Not sure if we will ever catch up with the holiday season now upon us. Oldest is getting better thankfully and back in school. That's a breather in itself! Been busy working on stuff for the shop. This evening I went back thru my inventory and found a bunch of really awesome holiday bibs and basic burpies that I do not have listed as of yet. I will work on that in the morning. I need to down load them all. They are not the best pics ever and certainly not the quality I usually do but again I am soo busy I just have to fit in what I can when I can and not worry abt the little things.

Last night The Hubster went in for a sleep study. We believe he has sleep apnea. I think I mentioned that in an earlier post. Not sure but anyways while he was at his slumber party I decided to get a jump start on planning the living room furniture placement for Christmas. The past two years we lost a table and a chair to make room for the tree. This year since we are in a new nest I was not quite sure what I was going to do. We can not loose any of the furniture but yet the tree has to fit somewhere. The Hubster says I may need to scale down on my large fluffy trees. We shall see.

The biggest dilemma really was me. I spent an hour and half moving the couch and coffee table around to only move it right back to where it was and then back again. I have this thing where I must be able to lay on the couch and be able to enjoy the tree, the fireplace and the t.v. all at the same time! A tall order maybe but I think I may have worked it out.

Here is the final result. Please pardon the picture quality. I took these with my iPhone and then posted them to Twitter and just stole um from my Twitter photo album.

This is where the tree will go. It is where the couch normally sits and will return to sitting right after New years. And yes as you see I have yet to finish painting the living room but now that the couch is out of the way I am one step closer!HA!;)

Here is a pic of Oldest asleep on the couch. Yes, he was asleep on it the entire time I was moving it around! Ha! He is a sound sleeper like his dad though that may contradict our theory of sleep apnea.

This is what we worked on today. It actually has been sorted out on the back porch for two weeks now but it would never stop raining. This is our second round of building a swing set and we swore we would NEVER EVER do it again but after looking at a $3000 one I decided this one would do just nicely and it was one sale though we had to go all the way across town and rent a U-haul to get it.

This is how far we have gotten. The Hubster made a few mistakes and had to fix um and by then by then he was irritated and sleep deprived so I sent him in to take a nap. I was determined to get all the boards up and the picnic table built. The Hubster was quite surprised when he woke because I actually made it up to the top portion. He did not have faith in me and now he does but I informed him to not expect me to be out there working on it while Oldest and Littliest are at school!;) It may be finished by Thanksgiving if we are lucky.

So that has been my life these days. Hope your weekend is going well and that ya'll are finding time to work on some projects as well or just time to play! Sleep awaits me and I must dream about the above pic. Isn't it lovely!? I have been missing out on soo many pieces for the dining room because they are all just too far away to get with needing to take two vehicles. This one is right down the road so I could get it by my lonesome in two trips if I have to. I am hoping I was the first to respond! All she needs right now are some new knobs and then later on maybe painted black and distressed. Wish me luck because it is just toooo perfect! Have a good one ya'll!


  1. Wow there are certainly going to be some fun times on that swing set! Good luck with the set up! We have done our share too, believe me!

    I can really relate to the furniture rearranging thing...I've got that disease too! lol

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  2. Oh, that hutch is lovely!! Did you find it on Craigslist or this yardsale site you mentioned? I love it!
    And you go girl, putting together that swing set!!! I also can relate to moving the furniture around.....I do it, too!

  3. I want that hutch!
    Your blog is wonderful and I am now a follower.
    Enjoyed visiting,

  4. Wow, that hutch is gorgeous. Get it, Get it! :)

    If my hubby were there he would certainly help your hubby. Every time we are together with daughter and her hubby, the guys do major home projects together. Son in law is the great handyman he is today because he has such a good father in law for a teacher.

  5. My father in law is an awesome handy man. He always has projects to do when he comes. He likes it that way!:) Too bad he is 14 hrs away or that swing set would be done by now. Off to look at that hutch! I will let ya know if it comes home with me!

  6. I hope you get that hutch. It would even look great on the wall behind where your couch is currently sitting. And would your tree fit between the two chairs? That way you still have access to the kitchen from living room for conversation?


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