Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Few New Buttons=New Inspirations

If ya look over to the right you will see a few new additions to my buttons. When I visit a site and just love it I have to have their button! These blogs to me are daily visits and have so many wonderful ideas and inspirations. I know you will just love them too!
One of the ladies whose button I added today...I am sorry I forgot who it was right now... had a post abt Paula Deen introducing a new furniture line out in the fall! I was thrilled and had to find out more. So click here and hear in her owns words what Paula's new line is all about. I so feel her style! Now will I ever be able to afford any of her pieces? More than likely not but what wonderful inspiration these pieces are. Here a few of my favorites!

This chair is my fave though I would love to see it in a differ color pallet. I can see it sitting in my living room or in the corner of the kitchen.

This is a great table/island of sorts. I love the turned legs and storage areas underneath.
This piece also is a fave of mine! I can so see it in my dinning room and even in this color story! Click here and you can see some more of her line. Let me know what your fave items are!


  1. Glad you found The Old Oak Cottage! Did you meet Cottage Chick? She's great!

    Glad also to have you in Texas! Welcome!


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