Thursday, July 23, 2009

Treasure Filled Thursday

Wow today has been a very busy day! We were up bright and early waiting on the air tech to get here. The fourth bedroom down stairs had no air flow what so ever. No fun for the in laws when they were here. Sorry Nana & Papa! We also were waiting for the delivery men to bring our treasures we found last weekend.

We purchased this. We wanted a full entertainment center but our cut out was too short for all the ones we liked. It is not top quality as somebody close to me pointed out lovingly but I love the look of it and later down the road I can always paint it since it is solid pine. I am going to switch out the knobs and then stencil something on the doors. Just a little something to make it come to life and not look so ordinary. Any ideas? I am going to use the drawers for candles probably since hubby wants all the movies up in the movie room.

It will go here. This is our cut out. Look at all those cords. They have been taunting me since the day we moved in.

Then we purchased this at the same time. I love the dark wood stain and how rustic it looks. It has a drawer in the front and the top lifts up on the back for more storage. Think it looks nice with Tobacco Road on the wall behind it??

This one will be heading upstairs to the game room. I purchased her many many moons ago at Havertys. Geez that probably was 9 yrs ago and the funny thing is that she still sells new in stores! We love her and she has suited her purpose very well. I bought her with every intention of future toy storage and since she does do such a great job at it we will keep her.

Now I had been trying to talk hubby into this Thomasville side table at Target. I LOVE the color and the turned style legs and the shelf at the bottom. I just need one and it will replace the PB end tables we have had just as long as the coffee table. They too will go up to the game room. Anyways, I was able to take it down off the shelf the other day and she seems kinda short and I did not really want to pay $148 for her.

Look what I found today on the local yard sale site! A pine end table and they had exactly one! They wanted $25 for her but when I got there in a torrential downpour she was in a little worse shape than the pic shows so I offered $20. She now sits out in the garage waiting to be cleaned up and made to be beautiful! I am not decided on whether to stain her dark or to paint and distress her black. I am thinking maybe black...

Also today while on the local yard sale site I saw a business posting for a little gift shop called The Old Oak Cottage. I loved what she showed in the pics she had posted so me and the boys hopped right in the mini and headed over there. It did not exists when we lived here last. Silly me forgot the camera so the next time I go I will take plenty of pics of all the pretties these ladies have to offer! If you live in the area it is definitely worth a trip! These are a few of the pretties that I actually brought home. Little birdie will get a makeover sooner or later. I could not pass her up for under $5!

Remember these?? Well after we got home I went back out in the garage and worked on them and the chandy. I had to purchase a differ color for the chandy because I did not like how she was turning out and now I love it!
Here is a sneak peek at the progress. I can not wait to finish um off and bring um in the house!
So there ya have it, our day full of treasures! Hope your day was as treasure filled as ours whether it be with pretties or just time with your family and friends! Have a good one ya all!


  1. Great Finds!

    Pamela in Ohio

  2. Thanx! Me and the boys have already started making the side table beautiful!


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