Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Happy Wednesday ya all! Hope the week is going well for everybody. Nothing much up here really. I worked on a few orders and shipped them off. My sewing machine needs servicing. Not what I want to spend $100 on that is for sure. It has been a year and a half though since I last took it in. The guy in BR was just too creepy for me to go back to. That and he said both when I dropped my machine off and when I picked it up what a piece of crap it was but in other words if you could even imagine!! So I boycotted that place and now since we are back in Houston I can go to my old place.

Today the boys and I went to Khols and picked up a few things. Then we went to Home Goods. I mean I could literally spend hours in there. They were putting out the Halloween items. I purchased a long wooden sign and then a wooden Boo sign. I also got a little plate that says "Life Is Uncertain. Eat Dessert First" and a plate holder. I thought it was super cute for the kitchen. I sooo wanted one of their large platters that I have been looking at for months. They are anywhere from $9.99-$19.99. I loved the blue and am wanting to do the dinning room in blue but if I paint the walls a robins egg blue in there than I would need a white platter. They had a pretty green one as well I could use for the kitchen but I put it back too. I was going to make them into chalk boards. I still may go back there and get one because there was only one of either left.

Just finished up dinner. The boys were "those" children again at the store so we are forgoing feeding the fish and turtles up at the so called lake. They both need hair cuts something terrible. I think I will tackle that this evening and then send um off to bed. I sooo wish they would just go and get their hair cut with the hubster bit I guess since I have been chopping on it since they were babies I did myself in. Oldest told me that he will always only have me cut his hair and that he will buy a house next to me so he can ensure that I can still cut his hair. HA! The minds of 5 yr olds. It is not that I mind doing it. What I mind is the mess afterwards. At the old nest if it was nice outside we would go and do it on the patio. Not really feeling it right now since it is still like 98 outside.
Can I tell ya all what I HATE most abt moving!? I can not stand all of the calls we keep getting. They account for probably 90% of all of our calls. I put us on the do not call list but that takes awhile. The only reason I bring it up is because Air Aspen just called. I did not answer. Then they called back not even two minutes later. URGH!
Have a good one!

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