Thursday, July 30, 2009


Infomercials, I generally do NOT watch them and the funny thing is is that my fam and I every week watched Pitchmen on Discovery. My boys loved Billy Mayes and now every time we go out and abt and they see his picture or a product that he pitched they go crazy. Makes walking thru Wally World a real treat. HA!

Some things that I have purchased because of an Infomercial are the George Foreman Grill. Still have it but do not use it though great. Rather use the grill outside. Speaking of which I need to sell it on the local site. Um what else....the Magic Bullet. The kiddos and Hubster purchased that for me for Mothers Day. Not because of the infomercial but because of a cookbook that recommended it. So far not impressed. We have tried making smoothies. Does not really crush the ice all that well. We purchased Mighty Putty and sorry Billy but it does NOT work and makes your hands STINK!! I think those are the only actual products we have purchased.

Then there is the fitness arena of infomercials. Back after oldest was born my BFF told me about Power 90 and so we ordered it after watching the YouTube infomercial for it. Let me say it DOES work if you stick with it. It was a bit intense though at times and not for beginners. I lost 15 pounds doing it and walking without changing my eating habits or taking their magic pills. If I had only stuck with it and gave up a few things. Life is short though and I LOVE fruit and cheese and popcorn. HA! I ordered The Firm last year and it was working as well. Lost 10 pounds on it but was unable to stick to it because of life in general and no ME time. I was very discouraged by that. No support from the fam was a major issue.

Now on to the newest purchase. Last night at 1 am I was attempting sleep by flipping thru the channels looking for Wendy ( will chat about her in a differ post) and I stopped on the infomercial for Slim 6. I only watched about 2 minutes of it and was hey that would work for me. The exercises looked very slow paced but strenuous which is what I liked the most. With The Firm they tend to go to fast for me and I miss out. So I hopped on the Apple and researched it and found no negative reviews on it which did not surprise me due to the fact it is from the Power 90 people. So I ordered it.

Now do I expect to totally transform my body in 6 weeks? No but I do expect to be healthier and more happy in 6 weeks. When will my 6 weeks start? Well my kiddos will be starting school in 3 weeks so I will have plenty of ME time while all the men are out of my house. So I am putting myself kinda out there to ya all. I am NOT taking pics for ya to see but I will keep ya updated on how it is going and what it is like compared to other work out series I have done.

I will share with you that transforming this body ain't gonna be easy ya all. It is a struggle I have always delt with this struggle and I pray constantly about it. Part of my problem is the fact that even when I was NOT fat I thought that I was. I think that is a common problem with most of us. Now that I am fluffier though there is more to love I do not love myself and I want to change that. Tears have been shed many times and I knew once we moved back "home" I was going to get into gear and get this butt smaller. I will NEVER be a size 6 because I can not even remember ever being a size 6 but I do want to be able to go to the store and buy all those cute clothes out there. I do want to LOVE myself and the way that I look. So join me on my struggle to be a better mommy, a better wife, and over all just a better me.

Have you purchased anything after watching an Infomercial? What are some of your favorite products??

P.s I forgot, I also have purchased and swear by Bare Minerals! This is one of the best products out there! I had seen the infomercial on it and never thought anything abt it. Back at the beginning of the year I finally decided to try some new makeup, well I was actually going to go back to using Clinique which I had used for years before kids. My face had gotten oily and makeup felt caked on. I hated the feeling. So one day I decided to go into Sephora to look around and buy some Clinique. I saw the Bare Minerals and the sales lady said I could try it and if I did not like it I could return it no questions asked. So I did and loved it. I buy the $60 set every time and it lasts me abt 3 months. I use two color foundations from the medium box so I really did not want to spend $50 on two foundations and with the $60 box you get new brushes so it works out nicely. I also use their powder eyeliner. As for the Sephora return policy, its true! I purchased some face wash that I HATED and took it back a week later and they refunded me with a smile!


  1. Painting with primary colors...cute! I would love to see it when your done. I would love to do apost on everyones~ Have fun!

  2. Oh made me laugh with this one. I ALWAYS want to buy stuff I see on tv, but never do. So I'll just live vicariously through you and your impulse buys...okay?

    I really really really want to try Bare Minerals, but have talked myself out of it many times because of the cost. I think you just sold me!



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