Monday, August 3, 2009

It's A Monday!

Today I pray for sanity and calmness. I need it sooooo much! Those who know me know I HATE bugs. I especially HATE bugs in my home. Our last two nests I have dealt with tea ants, wasps, and fire ants. All in which I have freaked though sanity tells me that it what comes with owning a home. I explained to myself before we moved into our new nest that I needed to prepare myself for the possibility of bugs in our new nest since it had been sitting vacant for two years. I must say spiders no longer bother me...depending on how big they are. I have learned they are actually my friend in helping to deter other bugs. Ants however will NEVER be my friend.

A few weeks back we had tea ants on the stairs. Why the stairs who knows. Mind you when I say a few weeks back we are just now beginning week number 4 in the nest. I was thankful they were not fire ants. In the last nest a few weeks into living there we had fire ants in our dining room and living room. Imagine my horror when Littliest came to show me he had bugs on him from sitting on the couch. I was horrified. It was just two ants but still!!! I was in tears for over a week but they were rid of and thankfully never returned. I was a pure crazy lady vacuuming and cleaning and spraying. Probably would have been comical if it was not me. Nah, I don't think so.

What brings me to fire ants you may ask? Well at 9 am today Littliest had to go potty. Fine and dandy. We did our business and left the master bath. 9:30 I go to get dressed so we can run errands fire ants every where!!! I was proud and am proud of myself though. I have remained calm though a few tears are hiding in the back of my eyeballs.

I have just spent two hours dealing with the ...I can think of soo many names but I will refrain....ants. I vacuumed um up inside and took the vacuum outside to dump it as well as to shake out the towels that they were in. ( You are never suppose to smash um because they will send out distress calls and more will come. Learned my lesson there.) I then went around the entire outside of the house in 100 degree weather and sprayed all the weep holes and ended up finding two huge nests. I love nests, but not those nests!! They were everywhere just crawling in the weep holes. I cringe at the thought.

My boys are still in their pjs and I have accomplished nothing but fighting ants all morning. Mind you it is now almost 1pm. Forgot all abt lunch. Guess I need to feed the youngings now. Surprised they have not whined yet. Thank you Lord for no whining today except from me!

Hope your Monday is going better ya all! Also if ya have any tips on fire ants I would LOVE to hear um. Tx is AWFUL abt ants.

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