Monday, August 3, 2009


Hey ya all! Still battling the ants but just one or two here and there instead of 20 +. Urgh.
Just wanted to share this link with ya all! If you have a blog and post pictures of your children on it PLEASE make sure there is not anyway they can be lifted! This story is horrifying and honestly another reason added to why you will not find recent pics of Oldest and Littliest on here though I would LOVE to share tons. I HATE that people violate other people like this. I love visiting everybody's blogs and seeing those wonderful cute faces smiling back at me but now hate to say some bloggers may reconsider posting their babies pics. I am actually going to be removing the few baby pics I had shared a few weeks back when I joined in on Show Us Where You Live over at Kellys Korner. We always thought abt reasons to not post current pics but never in a million years did I think of this.
Be careful ya all! Maybe you are more computer savy than me. Maybe we should all put watermarks of some sort on all of the pics??

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