Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making A House Feel Like Home

Happy Wed ya all! It really is still Tuesday for me since I have yet gone to bed. I have been having trouble sleeping these past few nights so I figured what better way to spend my sleepless hours than making a post. We are now in week number two here at our new house. I am still grappling with the fact that this is our new home because it sure does not feel like home yet. I know "things" do not make a house a home that memories and love are what make a house a home and that is I guess my biggest issue. We have not been here long enough for memories and though there is much love the entire family is yet to be together on a daily basis so that just leaves me with the "things".
I like order. I thrive off of order. Now do not get me wrong, I do make messes and that is just fine because I am the one to make the mess I know I am the one who has to clean up the mess. So if my mess sits for a few days so be it. If somebody else causes disarray I go insane. So in essence I am going insane because I did not make this "mess" of moving. I do not deal well with change and the fact that I am left to clean up this " mess" is driving me somewhat again somewhat insane. Until it is done then and only then will I be at peace and fell like this house is our home.
Hubby keeps telling to get over it and just deal. I am trying. I really am. Last week I gave up insisting that every wall had to be painted before I would hang up anything and begin nesting. I decided that was the big piece to the puzzle that I was missing. I decided I HAD to start hanging stuff up and I HAD to start nesting with or without paint because this house would never feel like home if not. So I finished up all .....well most ...of the boxes last week downstairs and I focused on our new living room.

This is what I came up with for the fireplace surround. My dresser that use to be in the foyer at the old house is now in our living room thus so is my year round "Christmas" tree as my hubby likes to call it..which by the way he HATES. I keep chanting "It does not have to be perfect to be beautiful" from the Nester so I can make it thru the day. Though it is not perfect it does make it feel a little more like home. I can not wait till we can rip out the flooring and get new hardwoods. I also can not wait till Thursday when we get our new t.v. armoire so that the cable box can actually have a home not on one of my end tables. I had found a mirror at HomeGoods that I just loved but when I went back to get it it was gone. In the last house I had a PB iron scrolly candle thing hanging above the fireplace but I wanted something different here.

The next thing I did while nesting was to make the mistreatments. Hubby bought me this fabric the day before we moved from BR because I had loved it so much and was afraid that I would not be able to find it at the HobLob here. Good thing because the HobLob here does not have it. He gave in only because I showed him how much a curtain panel with a 108 length cost and that being said he decided $50 a panel for custom"curtains" was not a bad thing after all.

I got the idea of the poof from the Nester and then the idea for the Fleur De Leis hanging thingy from Shannon over at Bless Our Nest. I saw her do this in her living room and just knew I wanted to be a copy cat at this house! Thanx Shannon for the inspiration! Once I finally choose a paint color these mistreatments will just pop out at ya when ya walk thru the front door.

Speaking of the front door here is ours. Remember earlier today...err yesterday when I said I had painted more than several places in the house!? HA! Here is another one of my attempts to become one with a color. SW Blonde is on the wall but if you look real closely down near the bottom you can see a tad darker color there and it is Tobacco Road. Looking at Shannon's home over at Bless Our Nest and her beautiful Peanut Shell walls by Pratt & Lambert I just want to kick myself and say pick a darn color!! I just do not know why paint seems like such a big commitment!? I guess really for me it is because we will have to hire somebody to paint the two story foyer so I will never be able to change what it is I pick so it has to be right. You can see where I pinned a piece of the Moire Plaid fab on the wall there by the door. I keep waiting for it to speak to me.
Please if anybody else is as paint fobic as me do share!! I need to show my hubby I am not the only one!
Have a good night ya all...or err I mean good morning!


  1. I love your mistreatments! They look great! And I have always loved that fabric.

    As for my rooster fabric, I got it at a local fabric store. If you have a fabric store that is not a chain then I bet they would have it in a book if not on the floor.

  2. Thanx! I will check this weekend. I am having a hard time finding kitchen fab.


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