Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Life

Hey ya all! So that is my life right now. And that is not even the half of it ladies! I literally have been thru probably 25 different colors for the new nest. I am so lost it is not even funny.
How many colors are in the above pic? Who knows. The bottom is SW version of the Nesters Tobacco Road. The top sides are SW Blonde. The center is the color that it was already painted and off to the sides of the sides is SW Relaxed Khaki which was in our last nest. And this is NOT the only spot that has several paint colors going on.

Here is the hallway to the mother in law suite aka 4th bedroom. It is painted with SW Whole Wheat I think. So here is my question, do I paint the hallway the same color as the kitchen since it has tile in that area like the kitchen or should I paint it the same as the living room and the rest of the common areas of the house? If I go with Tobacco Road for the common areas should I use it for the kitchen too or should it be a different color and if different what color? I was thinking maybe SW Macadamia?? Also I have that art niche, what color should be the contrasting color? Oh I so need some help from you gals!! My hubby thinks I have completely lost it and truth be told I have. I just don't feel this house will feel like a home till I get the paint right. I really am out of sorts. I am wanting ya to walk in and feel right at home. A nice warm feeling but not dark like our last home.

On a different note but I guess not really because it involves paint as well, look at what I found today at a local resale shop! They are rather hideous right now but I have been wanting some tall candle pillars for the fireplace hearth and when I saw these today for just $15 for all three I had to grab um up. I attempted spraying them this evening but hated the color so tomorrow they most likely will go black.

Look at this beauty! She is a little bright and shiny right now but when I get done with her she will be beautiful....I hope! She was just $10 on the local yard sale website! I am not sure if she will go in the kitchen or in the dining room. We have nickle fixtures in both now which are nice but they are not me. I like chandys that I can top off with shades and they both have globes on them.

Here is a sneak peek. I think I may be going to Lowes tomorrow though for an antique bronze color though. That is what I was wanting but WM had one that seemed more black than Antique bronze so I passed. This is a hammered nickle I think and I am not sure it is as dark as I would like.
So there ya have it ladies! As you can see I did finally find my cord to down load pics but now I am missing my battery charger!:( Will the madness ever end? Of course all this was done when I should have been unpacking the boxes still in the game room but oh well. A girl has to have fun some time right!? HA!
Be sure to stop on by tomorrow. I will post my mistreatments I did last week. They are made from the Moire Plaid you can find at Hob Lob. Also one reason I am having such a paint dilemma!

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