Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Saturday

Hey ya'll! Hope your Saturday is going well! Ours has been pretty good. I will start by saying I decided not to be a crazy lady and get up at the crack of dawn and stand in line at the Costco to meet Ms. Paula. Oldest decided that he no longer want to meet her...shyness kicked in...and so our plans changed. Instead I got up and headed out for a late start on yard sailing in our hood. Today was the community yard sale and I figured since I was not participating by selling I could certainly drive around and see what last minute deals there were to be had. Not much I was interested in. Mainly baby stuff and well we are past all of that. I did get a pretty finial that was marked $3 and the lady said $1 so I also purchased her large iron key that she was selling too. It was a nice quiet hour of alone time while the men staid at home playing DS and watching tv.

After that I came home and we debated on what to do next with our day. I wanted to head over to the other Costco to hunt down a second rug I needed for our master bath which I will share pics of soon!:) I also wanted to stop off at Ikea while over there as well. Before all of that though I talked The Hubster into stopping off at our regular Costco to see just how long the line was for Ms. Paula. My plan was to take a pic for ya'll to see the craziness. Well there was no line outside and it was 12:30 so I hopped on out to see if it wrapped around the store inside. Nope.

Hmmm I told The Hubster when I got back in the car. The line was not very long at all. I hated to make my men wait for an hour and half before Paula even was to arrive so I said just drive on to the other Costco cause I REALLY REALLY wanted to find that rug. So we drove on had lunch at Costco and we found thankfully the other rug I was wanting. Then we hopped back in the car and instead of heading to Ikea we headed back to our normal Costco to see how the line was. Yea, it was a tad bit longer but seeing as Oldest did not find the game he was wanting at the other Costco we stopped and joined the craziness!:)

The Hubster was such a sport I swear! He stayed up front with the camera and caught Ms Paula coming in because....
this is where I was. All the way in the back of the store. See that older gentleman? He came with his lady friend. Not his wife but friend! What a trooper he was. She would walk around and shop the isles while he stood by the cart. Or she would send him to find something or get her water. It was sweet.

Here is some more of Paula coming in. She was 20 minutes late.

More Paula.

Paula saying "Hey ya'll!"!:) All we could hear in the back of the store were cheers so we knew when she had arrived.

Paula and the guy who did her book Savannah Style with her.

When The Hubster brought the camera back to me and the nice ladies and I all looked at what he had taken we saw that Brandon was there. We all hemmed and hawed over the fact that we just wanted Paula to sign our books. Just awful that is is it not!? So we decided oh well and that Paula would not think that was the southern lady thing to do which is true. So please don't tell Paula!;) We got over it quickly.

It took abt an hour to work our way up to Paula and Brandon. It did not seem that long because the ladies were super sweet and we just chatted and chatted. The boys and The Hubster stayed up front so they could take pics of when it was my turn. I told you The Hubster was a sport! Here is the pic I took with my phone once I got up there.

Here is Paula and my turn. The rules were that she was only signing Savannah Style and not posing for pics. That caused issues with The Hubster and the picture taking.

Yep, that is still the back of my head.

And some more of my head while I chatted with Paula about my blog and the sweet ladies that follow me. She proceeded to tell me to go and check out her Ladies of Philadelphia show.
Even more of the back of my head.

This is Paula waving good bye to Oldest who yes was shy but ended up standing in line with me to meet her. He said nothing but just grinned and hid.

I was fortunate enough to score a book there so I can now take back my book and the kids cookbook that Oldest refused to ask her to sign. They cost almost twice as much at the mall which was the only place I could find um. Turned out though that she was graciously signing other items of hers as well. One lady had her sign a pot. I will share with ya'll what she signed extra for me in a future post! There was a little snafu with it so I am debating on what to do....
P.s. Please respect the pics and do not borrow without asking first. Thanx!:)
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paula Update

Update: New Plan. A little bit of rain this morning so we are going to chance it and just drive by Costco closer to time and see what it looks like. Maybe we will get lucky. I really like Paula and would love to meet her but I really don't want to stand in line for 6 hrs to meet her. Oldest was actually the one who came up with the plan. He said it was better so we could still be together!:) Such a sweetie he is!

Littliest and I headed back over to Costco yesterday to return a rug and get another that did work and grab some Paula books while we were there. I asked the ladies at returns if they were expecting a large crowd and the ladies said super huge. Great! She is suppose to be set up in the tv area or at least that was the plan they said. Littliest and I headed over to rugs and of course they no longer have another one like what I need. Urgh! Then we headed over to books and of course the HUGE stack they had on Sunday was no more. They either sold out or put um up till Sat. Either way that led me on a hunt today. Thankfully I found two and a kids cookbook and a special little something else. The plan is to head over by 8 am and see what the line looks like if there is even one. If it is smallish than I will join the rest of the gals and hang out till 2 when Paula is to arrive. The Hubster will bring Oldest over a little before 2 and all will be well. If the line is already crazy then I will just head home. She is only there for two hours so I am sure no matter how long the line is once the 2 hrs is up its up.
So thats the plan!:) If there are any other ladies in the area heading over there to lets be bored together!;)

The Hanger Hotel

As promised ya'll here is the post on where we stayed on our mini vaca the other weekend. Welcome to The Hanger Hotel in the middle of Hill Country! This hotel is truly a one of a kind and a must stay if you are ever in the Fredricksburg area.

The moment you walk thru the entrance you are transported back to the 1940s with the big band music playing and the luxurious decor.

Command central right here. I love all the vintage detail.

Look at the detail work on the wood banisters! Soo pretty!

Come on in to our room. Every room is the exactly the same and the hotel is sooo quiet you could hear a pin drop! Not so great with two lil' boys but hey ya deal. The hotel is actually themed around a hotel that pilots would stay in back in the day. It is built on an air strip which adds soo much fun!

This was my fave decoration! I actually hunted it down and found it on Pottery Barn website so as soon as we clear out the office this baby will be ours! Good thing I still have my PB GC from Christmas.

The counter height was rather tall and not accommodating for the kiddos but again it was not built for them but for gentlemen. I love the clean lines of it all!

I also love the vintage like tile on the floor and how they picked the black up in the toilet seat and lid.
This is what we found out on the runway. Did I mention the hotel is built on the air strip!? The boys squealed with delight when they saw the planes take off and land!

So we did not take a ride and the boys would rather run around than let mom take a cute pic of um so this is the best I could get. They begged to go for a ride but that was not in our budget. Maybe next time. That and Littliest is so little he would not have been able to see over the side. It was neat though.

This is the diner right next door where had breakfast.

It was kinda hard to take a pic but you get the idea!;)

Here is another view of the hotel. It truly was a fun and unique experience and I highly recommend a stay there even if you do have little boys. I forewarn you though that there are only king size beds so you will have to bring sleeping bags or everybody bunks together which is what we did.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! It reminded me a lot of the movie with Mel Gibson. I forget what it is called right now but I love that movie! Now off to get the kiddos from school!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I that is the question.....

We did our monthly jaunt to Costco! Can I tell you how much I just love Costco!!?? We were Costco deprived in Baton Rouge and would have to stop off at one in Alabama on our way back from visiting family in Georgia. Let me tell ya it is not easy shopping for Santa with the kiddos in tow but we always managed.
Anyways, as soon as we walked into Costco today The Hubster pointed out a sign to me:
Can you believe it!!?? Paula Deen actually coming for a book signing at Costco!? So here is the dilemma. It is the same day as our community yard sale. If ya saw our garage you would know we desperately need a yard sale!Ha! But I am afraid if I do the yard sale even for a few hours in the morning I will not make it in time for Paula. I have no idea what kind of line there will be. Perfect scenario would be to do the yard sale from 7 am -10 am and then get ready and head over to Costco. That would put us there at around noonish. Oldest is wanting to go as well and have her sign a cook book though she is not there to sign cook books but her decorating book. Think she would anyways?? Oldest LOVES Paula and calls her "his lady"!;) I think it would be neat for him to actually get to meet her.
So what would you do?? Would you do the yard sale or skip it all together and head over there early?? I am just so torn. If I skip it I could always spend the week taking pics and posting crap on the local yard sale sight where people just come and pick up what they want. It gets to be kinda bothersome at times but may be worth it in this case.
The Hubster says its just Paula but I say it is PAULA!!:) Anybody else around here heading to see her that day??? Oh and if we do go, I totally have nothing cute at all to wear.

Texas Hill Country

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Easter weekend last weekend! Oldest was off of school for Good Friday and the day before so The Hubster decided to take off work on Friday and we went on a mini vaca to The Texas Hill Country. We were just going to Brenham but plans changed at 10:30 pm the night before so I quickly made reservations at the new hotel and canceled the one in Brenham. The Hubster wanted to drive thru Hill Country since we had been in Texas for basically 9 years and have never really ventured out. That and we were on the hunt for the ever so famous Texas Blue Bonnets! So if ya have a few minutes hop on in and buckle up as we revisit some spots we saw along the way.

We decided to head up to Fredricksburg for the night. We saw this cross along side the road just outside of San Antonio as we were entering Hill Country.

A reminder of true country life! I did not catch it the first time so The Hubster turned around and drove us by it again.

As close to mountains as you can get in Texas.

A river we spotted. It was sooo quiet and the water was crystal clear. It was just beautiful. I was hoping for a spot where we could dip our toes in but it was all pretty much just drop offs.

These are some of the only few bluebonnets we saw on our trip. It was taken at our hotel in Fredricksburg. I will share those pics in another post!:)

A field of tiny purple flowers around the corner from our hotel. Though we hit wild flower hunting a week early these were every where.

On the way out of town behind the Fredricksburg Best Western was a field of Indian Paint Brushes. They were very pretty don't ya thnink!?:)

We accidentally came upon the VERY TEENY TINY town of Luckenbauch Texas. I mean seriously if ya blink ya miss it. It is basically just a circle and this one house. We drove thru "town" in hopes of seeing Willie and the boys but no such luck! Ha! If ya don't know classic country than that means nothing to ya. Here is the history of Luckenbauch if interested.

After Luckenbauch we drove thru New Braunfels. Then headed on to Round Top Texas! I was soo very excited because it was Antique Week. Unfortunately it was the very last day and 4pm by the time we arrived. We paid $5 to park in some body's backyard and looked around for abt 45 minutes before the men had enough. We only saw a very tiny portion of Round Top but I could tell it would have been divine if not hit an hour before everyone was suppose to be closing up shop and if it had not been the hottest record breaking day so far this year! It was 87!! We have been in the 60s and low 70s but this day it was 87! The Hubster said he had never seen so many women walking around drinking beer!Ha!

Before heading home we located the field our friends go to every year for blue bonnet pics. I always love their pics because of the red barn in the back ground. Well seems progress happens out in the sticks as well.

After we drove by the barn we got on back on the highway. The Hubster spotted a HUGE line of cars and actually said out loud "I guess there is a funeral or something". HA! I quickly responded with "no silly it must be a blue bonnet field" and sure enough it was the mother load! We took pics and lets say my boys are past their days of cute great wonderful pics and I am soo sad. Fun was had by all though and we headed home to color Easter eggs!

Thanx for coming along and hope you enjoyed the ride! We had a blast! It was the first time in a year and half we had actually gone anywhere except house hunting last year so it was truly a nice treat! I will post about our hotel soon so be sure to stop back by!
Have a great rest of the weekend! Now off to Costco!

P.s. All pictures on my blog unless otherwise stated are mine. Please do not copy or reproduce without asking first! Thanx!:)

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