Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Saturday

Hey ya'll! Hope your Saturday is going well! Ours has been pretty good. I will start by saying I decided not to be a crazy lady and get up at the crack of dawn and stand in line at the Costco to meet Ms. Paula. Oldest decided that he no longer want to meet her...shyness kicked in...and so our plans changed. Instead I got up and headed out for a late start on yard sailing in our hood. Today was the community yard sale and I figured since I was not participating by selling I could certainly drive around and see what last minute deals there were to be had. Not much I was interested in. Mainly baby stuff and well we are past all of that. I did get a pretty finial that was marked $3 and the lady said $1 so I also purchased her large iron key that she was selling too. It was a nice quiet hour of alone time while the men staid at home playing DS and watching tv.

After that I came home and we debated on what to do next with our day. I wanted to head over to the other Costco to hunt down a second rug I needed for our master bath which I will share pics of soon!:) I also wanted to stop off at Ikea while over there as well. Before all of that though I talked The Hubster into stopping off at our regular Costco to see just how long the line was for Ms. Paula. My plan was to take a pic for ya'll to see the craziness. Well there was no line outside and it was 12:30 so I hopped on out to see if it wrapped around the store inside. Nope.

Hmmm I told The Hubster when I got back in the car. The line was not very long at all. I hated to make my men wait for an hour and half before Paula even was to arrive so I said just drive on to the other Costco cause I REALLY REALLY wanted to find that rug. So we drove on had lunch at Costco and we found thankfully the other rug I was wanting. Then we hopped back in the car and instead of heading to Ikea we headed back to our normal Costco to see how the line was. Yea, it was a tad bit longer but seeing as Oldest did not find the game he was wanting at the other Costco we stopped and joined the craziness!:)

The Hubster was such a sport I swear! He stayed up front with the camera and caught Ms Paula coming in because....
this is where I was. All the way in the back of the store. See that older gentleman? He came with his lady friend. Not his wife but friend! What a trooper he was. She would walk around and shop the isles while he stood by the cart. Or she would send him to find something or get her water. It was sweet.

Here is some more of Paula coming in. She was 20 minutes late.

More Paula.

Paula saying "Hey ya'll!"!:) All we could hear in the back of the store were cheers so we knew when she had arrived.

Paula and the guy who did her book Savannah Style with her.

When The Hubster brought the camera back to me and the nice ladies and I all looked at what he had taken we saw that Brandon was there. We all hemmed and hawed over the fact that we just wanted Paula to sign our books. Just awful that is is it not!? So we decided oh well and that Paula would not think that was the southern lady thing to do which is true. So please don't tell Paula!;) We got over it quickly.

It took abt an hour to work our way up to Paula and Brandon. It did not seem that long because the ladies were super sweet and we just chatted and chatted. The boys and The Hubster stayed up front so they could take pics of when it was my turn. I told you The Hubster was a sport! Here is the pic I took with my phone once I got up there.

Here is Paula and my turn. The rules were that she was only signing Savannah Style and not posing for pics. That caused issues with The Hubster and the picture taking.

Yep, that is still the back of my head.

And some more of my head while I chatted with Paula about my blog and the sweet ladies that follow me. She proceeded to tell me to go and check out her Ladies of Philadelphia show.
Even more of the back of my head.

This is Paula waving good bye to Oldest who yes was shy but ended up standing in line with me to meet her. He said nothing but just grinned and hid.

I was fortunate enough to score a book there so I can now take back my book and the kids cookbook that Oldest refused to ask her to sign. They cost almost twice as much at the mall which was the only place I could find um. Turned out though that she was graciously signing other items of hers as well. One lady had her sign a pot. I will share with ya'll what she signed extra for me in a future post! There was a little snafu with it so I am debating on what to do....
P.s. Please respect the pics and do not borrow without asking first. Thanx!:)
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  1. YEA!!!! So glad you waited and got to met her. HOW EXCITING!!!!!!

  2. That is so neat Pamela. I'm glad you got to meet her. That was so sweet of you hubby and the boys to wait with you.
    I love Costco. I go to the one at Willowbrook. I only go a few times a year.
    I wish it were closer. They need to build one in Conroe and I'd be happy.
    ♥ Joy

  3. We go to Willow as well once a month. Its abt a 30 min trek via the Beltway but well worth it. Every once in a blue moon when we are on the hunt we go to the one in Spring Valley.

  4. The wait was not bad at all Amy. Actually what we should have done was go to Ikea and then arrived at 3:30. By then there were only like four people left in line and she was suppose to be there till 4. Whoever came in after that probably scored awesome pics. BTW I have not forgotten abt looking at your ideas!! Just been super busy. Will look soon I PROMISE!!! What I did see I loved so far!

  5. OK, seriously, this is me screaming!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! What an incredible moment. You are soooooooooo lucky!!

    Hey, I love the back of your haircut.

  6. I thought I recogonized you!! I hope I didn't stare trying to figure out where I had seen you from! :) You should have said something, my back got to hurting so bad from waiting in line, I could hardly stand it! So glad your boys did good, and I am so bummed about the picture thing. i would have loved a picture with her! You got some great shots, and I had no idea you lived in Texas!!

  7. How great to meet and talk to her in person. I got that book the day it came out after my sister let me know it was out. She came to B.J.'s here, but I didn't go.

  8. Meeting Paula would be right up there as a Woo Hoo! moment in my life too! Girl, you are so lucky!

    Thanks for linking to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and joining the fun.

  9. Woo hoo for meeting Paula! When I lived in Savannah, we used to eat at the Lady and Sons as far back as her original restuarant where lunch was only $5. That was before she became famous and you could just walk in and get a table rather quickly. On our last trip (see my post), the line wrapped around the block. When I went up to ask how long the wait, turns out these people in line were all hoping for no shows off the reservation list! The food is delish of course. I've met both of her sons and have her autographed cookbook. Maybe you can visit Savannah some day. Worth the trip!

  10. We so would love to go and eat t here just once Tammy! Our fams are both in Augusta but we never get a chance to run down there because it is always during the holidays when we are back over that way. My mom and step father frequent there at least once a year though and said it is super yummy.

  11. We so would love to go and eat t here just once Tammy! Our fams are both in Augusta but we never get a chance to run down there because it is always during the holidays when we are back over that way. My mom and step father frequent there at least once a year though and said it is super yummy.

  12. Yay :-) I'm so glad you got to meet Paula, (as Marla would say "woo hoo" :)

  13. Wow! I would love to meet her, she seems like such a sweetie. Whenever I use butter, DH says I'm "puttin' on my Paula" lol. Hubster does sound like a trooper! Fun day. Kathy

  14. Oh my gosh how fun!! You know Paula Deen and I are friends, right? I'm just kidding but it sure feels like we could be. Don't you think she just feels like a friend when you watch her? She's a doll!

  15. i wanted to go so badly! i had it on my calendar but then had to work. i'm so sad i missed her. it is so fun that you got to meet her!

  16. Sorry you missed her Becca! Thanx for stopping over! It is always nice to meet fellow Texan Gals!:)

  17. Hi Pamela. I came here from Kelly's Korner. I just GIGGLED when I saw your comment because I met Davy Jones when I was 14, too! Oh my gosh, what a hoot! =) My little girlfriends and I were just completely enamored with him. We bought his book and stood in line for over two hours waiting to meet him. When my turn finally came, I couldn't talk! =) I have a great picture too - it's funny because I'm 5'10" and he's only about 5'3". What a mismatched pair!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing that memory. I have to check out your cute site now - what amazing projects you have going on!


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