Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paula Update

Update: New Plan. A little bit of rain this morning so we are going to chance it and just drive by Costco closer to time and see what it looks like. Maybe we will get lucky. I really like Paula and would love to meet her but I really don't want to stand in line for 6 hrs to meet her. Oldest was actually the one who came up with the plan. He said it was better so we could still be together!:) Such a sweetie he is!

Littliest and I headed back over to Costco yesterday to return a rug and get another that did work and grab some Paula books while we were there. I asked the ladies at returns if they were expecting a large crowd and the ladies said super huge. Great! She is suppose to be set up in the tv area or at least that was the plan they said. Littliest and I headed over to rugs and of course they no longer have another one like what I need. Urgh! Then we headed over to books and of course the HUGE stack they had on Sunday was no more. They either sold out or put um up till Sat. Either way that led me on a hunt today. Thankfully I found two and a kids cookbook and a special little something else. The plan is to head over by 8 am and see what the line looks like if there is even one. If it is smallish than I will join the rest of the gals and hang out till 2 when Paula is to arrive. The Hubster will bring Oldest over a little before 2 and all will be well. If the line is already crazy then I will just head home. She is only there for two hours so I am sure no matter how long the line is once the 2 hrs is up its up.
So thats the plan!:) If there are any other ladies in the area heading over there to lets be bored together!;)


  1. In how many languages can I say jealous???

    Get pictures, lots of pictures!!

  2. Don't be jealous just yet. Looks like thunder storms and this is one mommy that won't be standing out in the rain.


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