Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Hanger Hotel

As promised ya'll here is the post on where we stayed on our mini vaca the other weekend. Welcome to The Hanger Hotel in the middle of Hill Country! This hotel is truly a one of a kind and a must stay if you are ever in the Fredricksburg area.

The moment you walk thru the entrance you are transported back to the 1940s with the big band music playing and the luxurious decor.

Command central right here. I love all the vintage detail.

Look at the detail work on the wood banisters! Soo pretty!

Come on in to our room. Every room is the exactly the same and the hotel is sooo quiet you could hear a pin drop! Not so great with two lil' boys but hey ya deal. The hotel is actually themed around a hotel that pilots would stay in back in the day. It is built on an air strip which adds soo much fun!

This was my fave decoration! I actually hunted it down and found it on Pottery Barn website so as soon as we clear out the office this baby will be ours! Good thing I still have my PB GC from Christmas.

The counter height was rather tall and not accommodating for the kiddos but again it was not built for them but for gentlemen. I love the clean lines of it all!

I also love the vintage like tile on the floor and how they picked the black up in the toilet seat and lid.
This is what we found out on the runway. Did I mention the hotel is built on the air strip!? The boys squealed with delight when they saw the planes take off and land!

So we did not take a ride and the boys would rather run around than let mom take a cute pic of um so this is the best I could get. They begged to go for a ride but that was not in our budget. Maybe next time. That and Littliest is so little he would not have been able to see over the side. It was neat though.

This is the diner right next door where had breakfast.

It was kinda hard to take a pic but you get the idea!;)

Here is another view of the hotel. It truly was a fun and unique experience and I highly recommend a stay there even if you do have little boys. I forewarn you though that there are only king size beds so you will have to bring sleeping bags or everybody bunks together which is what we did.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! It reminded me a lot of the movie with Mel Gibson. I forget what it is called right now but I love that movie! Now off to get the kiddos from school!


  1. I had no idea this was in Fredricksburg. We were just there. I'm going back!. My husband would like this.
    Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful place and I know you boys enjoyed it. How fun seeing all the planes.


  2. It was really fun and cost like $10 more than the LaQuinta were were originally going to stay at so well worth it! I am hoping to make it a spring tradition and now knowing abt the rides that are sometimes available we can plan for that too!:)

  3. What an amazing hotel! Great photos.

  4. This looks like so much fun! The kids would love it. Thank you for sharing all the pictures of the inside, it looks beautiful! Glad you found the phone...we have the same one! The kids will actually run to answer the phone with the cord first! LOL!


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