Sunday, April 11, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I that is the question.....

We did our monthly jaunt to Costco! Can I tell you how much I just love Costco!!?? We were Costco deprived in Baton Rouge and would have to stop off at one in Alabama on our way back from visiting family in Georgia. Let me tell ya it is not easy shopping for Santa with the kiddos in tow but we always managed.
Anyways, as soon as we walked into Costco today The Hubster pointed out a sign to me:
Can you believe it!!?? Paula Deen actually coming for a book signing at Costco!? So here is the dilemma. It is the same day as our community yard sale. If ya saw our garage you would know we desperately need a yard sale!Ha! But I am afraid if I do the yard sale even for a few hours in the morning I will not make it in time for Paula. I have no idea what kind of line there will be. Perfect scenario would be to do the yard sale from 7 am -10 am and then get ready and head over to Costco. That would put us there at around noonish. Oldest is wanting to go as well and have her sign a cook book though she is not there to sign cook books but her decorating book. Think she would anyways?? Oldest LOVES Paula and calls her "his lady"!;) I think it would be neat for him to actually get to meet her.
So what would you do?? Would you do the yard sale or skip it all together and head over there early?? I am just so torn. If I skip it I could always spend the week taking pics and posting crap on the local yard sale sight where people just come and pick up what they want. It gets to be kinda bothersome at times but may be worth it in this case.
The Hubster says its just Paula but I say it is PAULA!!:) Anybody else around here heading to see her that day??? Oh and if we do go, I totally have nothing cute at all to wear.


  1. I think you need to go see Paula! I'd go and I don't even follow her! I had no idea she had a decorating book out. Guess I'll be checking that out. What a great giveaway that would be if you went and got an extra book signed! {hint, hint}.

  2. I say GO!! and take your little fella and his book - she probably wouldn't be able to resist a cute little boy fan!!

    There's always gonna be another yard sale, or then again you could just take pics/ list like you said.

    Tell JPF I said hey!

  3. OH please :)It's Paula for Heaven's sake. I think it would be a moment of your life lost forever if you don't see Paula. Paula, Paula, Paula!

  4. Well if it was just me I'd do the yard sale, but if one of my kids loved her as much I'd have to try and take them... the yard stuff can sell later ;)

  5. Girl, it's PAULA!! Have your sweet husband do the yard sale (with lots of instructions on what you want him to do - ha ha), and you go meet her and have her sign your little one's book. I agree - I bet she would LOVE to see a little boy fan! And as for what to wear, go shopping, of course! :)

  6. Have you decided? I agree with the others...go see Paula.

  7. Skip the yard can always do that later!!

  8. I just found your blog! I really like it. I would go see Paula Deen.
    You can have the sale any week-end. Life is short .So remenber to take time to smell the roses .

  9. OMG Paula Deen!! So jealous of you!

  10. Guess who did our garage sale...hubs. By himself. And he survived.

    Maybe yours could have one of his friends come over to help.

    The other way you are talking about doing will take FOREVER!

    Go see Paula for sure!


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