Sunday, April 11, 2010

Texas Hill Country

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Easter weekend last weekend! Oldest was off of school for Good Friday and the day before so The Hubster decided to take off work on Friday and we went on a mini vaca to The Texas Hill Country. We were just going to Brenham but plans changed at 10:30 pm the night before so I quickly made reservations at the new hotel and canceled the one in Brenham. The Hubster wanted to drive thru Hill Country since we had been in Texas for basically 9 years and have never really ventured out. That and we were on the hunt for the ever so famous Texas Blue Bonnets! So if ya have a few minutes hop on in and buckle up as we revisit some spots we saw along the way.

We decided to head up to Fredricksburg for the night. We saw this cross along side the road just outside of San Antonio as we were entering Hill Country.

A reminder of true country life! I did not catch it the first time so The Hubster turned around and drove us by it again.

As close to mountains as you can get in Texas.

A river we spotted. It was sooo quiet and the water was crystal clear. It was just beautiful. I was hoping for a spot where we could dip our toes in but it was all pretty much just drop offs.

These are some of the only few bluebonnets we saw on our trip. It was taken at our hotel in Fredricksburg. I will share those pics in another post!:)

A field of tiny purple flowers around the corner from our hotel. Though we hit wild flower hunting a week early these were every where.

On the way out of town behind the Fredricksburg Best Western was a field of Indian Paint Brushes. They were very pretty don't ya thnink!?:)

We accidentally came upon the VERY TEENY TINY town of Luckenbauch Texas. I mean seriously if ya blink ya miss it. It is basically just a circle and this one house. We drove thru "town" in hopes of seeing Willie and the boys but no such luck! Ha! If ya don't know classic country than that means nothing to ya. Here is the history of Luckenbauch if interested.

After Luckenbauch we drove thru New Braunfels. Then headed on to Round Top Texas! I was soo very excited because it was Antique Week. Unfortunately it was the very last day and 4pm by the time we arrived. We paid $5 to park in some body's backyard and looked around for abt 45 minutes before the men had enough. We only saw a very tiny portion of Round Top but I could tell it would have been divine if not hit an hour before everyone was suppose to be closing up shop and if it had not been the hottest record breaking day so far this year! It was 87!! We have been in the 60s and low 70s but this day it was 87! The Hubster said he had never seen so many women walking around drinking beer!Ha!

Before heading home we located the field our friends go to every year for blue bonnet pics. I always love their pics because of the red barn in the back ground. Well seems progress happens out in the sticks as well.

After we drove by the barn we got on back on the highway. The Hubster spotted a HUGE line of cars and actually said out loud "I guess there is a funeral or something". HA! I quickly responded with "no silly it must be a blue bonnet field" and sure enough it was the mother load! We took pics and lets say my boys are past their days of cute great wonderful pics and I am soo sad. Fun was had by all though and we headed home to color Easter eggs!

Thanx for coming along and hope you enjoyed the ride! We had a blast! It was the first time in a year and half we had actually gone anywhere except house hunting last year so it was truly a nice treat! I will post about our hotel soon so be sure to stop back by!
Have a great rest of the weekend! Now off to Costco!

P.s. All pictures on my blog unless otherwise stated are mine. Please do not copy or reproduce without asking first! Thanx!:)


  1. Sorry you didn't get there in time to really shop! It did look divine, though!
    LOVE the bluebonnets. Wish I was back "home" to see them. :)

    Can't wait to hear/see more!

  2. That blue bonnet field is breathtaking! There's more to Texas than most people think.

  3. The Round Top Antique shows are so fun! You would love them.

    You took an amazing joy ride. Just a bit further and you would have been in my neck of the woods : )


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