Friday, April 23, 2010


Yeah, I very well may be just that, CRAZY! Why else would I be up at 1:15 am looking at Real Estate in a state I do not even live in anymore! Ha! I have this thing where from time to time I look up our old neighborhoods to see if our previous nests have been put back on the market. Am I the only one that does this!? I am always intrigued on what the inside now looks like. What changes the new owner may have done. What houses are selling for now and did we make a good deal. Ya know all the things that are pointless but that I still think about.
Anyways, I came across a listing for a home we use to walk by all the time. I LOVED the outside of this house. I always felt it was soo charming. At the time we were looking though it was not near being ready. It probably had 2 more months to go. Anyways, here are some pics of the home and clearly the owners recognized charm when they saw it as well!

I just always loved the carriage house hardware on the garage door. I plan on adding it to ours soon. Maybe for Mothers Day.

Look at that red front door! It is just calling to invite you right on in.

See the front doors are even red on the inside! I am so loving the wood beams and how she added the corbels to them. My kind of gal!

How quaint is their living room! I am soo loving the china hutch in there and the antique laundry hamper she has filled with pillows. That brick wall is to die for!

I am a sucker for toile and she has it mixed in thru out the home. See that turquoise clock peeking around the corner?! I so want one for our landing going up the stairs. She even has the ceilings painted a robins egg blue. Very french country I think.

Digging the french country blue and crisp white cabinets! In our next nest I want white cabinets.

I love the toile curtain she has here and how she positioned the curtain half way down the window!

Then here is the master suite. A little dark for my taste but none the less beautiful. If we were house hunting there again I soo would be wanting this house! Too bad I never knew the owners. I have a feeling though we would have gotten along rather well. Credit for the pics goes to Zillow!


  1. Pam, I do the exact same thing! I have been know to look at houses in other states...just in case we would ever move! The house you shared today is beautiful. I love the toile accents, too. Now I am trying to figure out if I can add a brick wall any where! That is so awesome :)
    Have a great weekend!
    (P.S. great playlist)

  2. Thanx Wendy! I just love looking at houses in general but when I saw this one pop up I remembered how much I really liked it from just the outside. She did a great job bringing its charm inside! I forgot to add the pic of her back porch. It is super cute too!

  3. My youngest looked up a home we lived in for 9 years in So. Cal when she heard from a friend that it was on the market. Bless her heart, she cried because she missed the house and neighborhood so much, having lived there from ages 2 - 11.

  4. Littliest got kinda teary eyed when we were looking at pics of our previous home. He would say "it was such a nice house mama."

  5. Thanks for the tour...great looking home! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. What a fun tour! I love the brick wall. Great curb appeal!

    Have a great weekend! ~Liz

  7. Pamela,

    I love house shopping. I go online and look at the houses for sale in our neighborhood. I like to see what they are selling for, did we get ripped off, or would our house be worth more if we sold it now.
    We even went looking at houses 2 weeks after we bought ours...for decorating ideas. Is that crazy?! : )

  8. I have looked too! They are all beautiful. :)

  9. What a charming house! Love the brick wall and L-O-V-E the clock. Have you seen it in a store? (I promise not to buy it [at least not before I get that pillow ;)].)

  10. Amy you r a nut chickee!:) No I have not seen one in a store but yes it would go great with your new decor path! I am hoping to score one day and find a treasure like it that I can paint. Maybe one day. I don't even care if it works. As long as it looks pretty!;)

  11. HI!

    How funny it is to see my old house featured on your blog! Glad you liked it...I moved to Texas too, but miss our old house dearly!

  12. Krista, No way!! I can not believe you found this on my blog! How did you find it?? That is too crazy! I wish I could reply to you but you have No Reply enabled so I am not able to. Please if you come back to look again send me your email so we can chat! I just adored your home! What part of Texas are you in now?


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