Sunday, January 19, 2020

After Christmas French Farmhouse Cottage Style Winter Mantel

Sorry I am late sharing our winter mantel. I had a hard time getting back into the swing of things after taking a break after the holidays. 
Winter- Fireplace -Mantel -Design-Cottage-Style-Farmhouse-Style-DIY-From My Front Porch To Yours
 As promised here is our winter mantel!

Winter -Fireplace -Mantel -Design-Cottage-Style-Farmhouse-Style-Vintage-Style-Lanterns-Flameless-Candles-Fairy Lights--From My Front Porch To Yours
I was able to use some of the same elements from our Christmas mantel like the trees and lanterns. I even left up the snow. If you missed our Christmas mantel you can click here

Winter- Fireplace- Mantel -Design-Snowflake-Tree-White-Lights-Cottage-Style-Farmhouse-Style-Cozy-Home-DIY-Curtains--From My Front Porch To Yours
I moved our breakfast nook tree over to the fireplace instead of putting it away as well as our dining room tree. They just had basic white lights on them so that made them perfect for a winterscape. 

Winter -Fireplace -Mantel-Cottage-Farmhouse-DIY- Design-From My Front Porch To Yours

Winter -Fireplace -Mantel -Cottage-Farmhouse-Vintage-DIY-Blue & White-Decor-Design-From My Front Porch To Yours

Winter -Fireplace -Mantel -DesignBlue & White- Decor-Cottage-Farmhouse-French Country-DIY-From My Front Porch To Yours

Winter- Fireplace- Mantel -Design-Nest-Blue & White-Decor-Cottage-Style-Farmhouse-Style-French Farmhouse-French Country--From My Front Porch To Yours

Winter -Fireplace- Mantel -Design-French Farmhouse-Blue & White-Decor-Cottage-Style-Farmhouse-Style-French Country--From My Front Porch To Yours
This was my first year doing a winter mantel and I have to say I am a huge fan of it. It is always a little sad when it is time to pack away Christmas decor so the white twinkling lights keep the winter magic alive.

Do you decorate for winter?


  1. How pretty! No, I don't decorate for winter. I am looking forward to spring!

  2. Pamela!! Absolutely LOVE this Winter mantle!! I have a similar wreath...I have decorated our Den for Winter and I just did a post about it... I love this so much that I hope you do not mind that I shared it on face book!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Hi Pamela,
    I do a little decor for Winter but mostly wait for Spring. Ohhhhhh hoping it comes early. Only 7 degrees here today.
    xoxo Happy New Week.

  4. Love it!! I did a winter mantle too, have to share it Tuesday I think.

  5. Your fireplace and room are really beyond beautiful. I love it all.

  6. I love your winter mantel! I always do winter decor. It’s mostly white and mercury glass with touches of greenery here and there. The trick, to me, is to get the cool, sparkly look of winter without it being Christmas-y. The key, I think, is to have no red anywhere! You and I have the same approach, I believe!

  7. I don't decorate for winter other than putting a little snowman with a sign that says LET IT SNOW on my porch. We have a tiny bit of snow here once every ten blue moons, but I can always wish! I decorate so much for Christmas and when I get it all put back up I'm done with decorating for awhile:) Your decorations though are lovely...and they sure do make me want some snow. We have hardly had any winter this year though and I've missed it!


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