Monday, September 16, 2019

Ever Evolving Foyer

 We have been in our home for almost three years now. It is hard to believe that it has been three years! Over the last 3 years we have been working on turning our house into a home. One of the spaces that has been evolving is our foyer. 
french country foyer-vintage secretary- from my front porch to yours

This is what our foyer looked like two years ago. We had changed out the foyer light and that was it.
french country foyer-farmhouse-cottage-vintage-shiplap- from my front porch to yours
Fast forward to last fall and there is new shiplap, office doors painted, corbels added and I swapped out the vintage secretary for a vintage dresser. Though I loved that piece being there I needed to find a home for another piece of beloved furniture. I started making over our breakfast nook and the pie safe that The Papa had made for Mr. Front Porch and I needed a new home. 
french- country- foyer-farmhouse-cottage-shiplap-pie safe-vintage- from my front porch to yours
I decided to place it here in the foyer and love how it fits in with the space. It is quite functional as well now that it has found a new home. It is no longer just a catch all but a home for school/office supplies, light bulbs, and even our battery powered DIY tools. 
french- country-farmhouse-foyer- round mirror-cottage-style-shiplap-from my front porch to yours
Moving the pie safe also allowed me to find a home for this round mirror. I had originally purchased it for our master bathroom makeover but ended up only being able to find one. By the time I gave up the hunt for a second one it was too late to return this one so it patiently waited till I found the perfect spot for it. 


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