Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas In The Bedroom

I have one area in our home that is officially ready for the holidays.
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Cottage Style-From My From Porch To Yours
It is one of my most favorite spots in our home.
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Faux-Fireplace-From My From Porch To Yours
I am so glad that our closet is large enough that our dressers fit in it so that I can create this seating area in our bedroom.
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Faux-Frieplace-Mini Tree--From My From Porch To Yours
The faux fireplace was my Christmas gift from Mr. Front Porch last year. It has certainly seen a transformation over the last year
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Lanterns-Faux Fireplace-From My From Porch To Yours
I kept the holiday decor pretty simple. 
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Faux-Fireplace-Santos-Cage-Doll-From My From Porch To Yours
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Simple-Small-Christmas-Tree-Urn-From My From Porch To Yours
This is the 4ft clearance tree I bought after Christmas last year online. I layered the urn with a magnolia wreath.
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Simple-Christmas-Tree-Faux-Fireplace-From My From Porch To Yours
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Santos-Cage-Doll-From My From Porch To Yours
Annabelle always dresses up for the holidays.
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Santos-Cage-Doll-Bedroom-From My From Porch To Yours
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Buffalo Check-Sitting Area-Bedroom-From My From Porch To Yours
This is the chair and lamp from our living room that needed a temporary home during the holidays to make room for our main tree. I hope to eventually have a chaise lounge in this spot.
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Sitting Area-Cottage Style-From My From Porch To Yours
Or I may just  have to find a new chair for the living room. LOL.
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Sitting Area-Christmas Tree In Urn-From My From Porch To Yours
It was hard to resist placing a wreath with lights above the fireplace but my goal was to keep it simple so I held off. 
French Country-French Farmhouse-Christmas-Bedroom-Mini-Doxie-From My From Porch To Yours
Of course our little Savannah was in on the holiday photoshoot.

Thanks for stopping by. Now I need to go and finish another area of our home to share. What area will it be!? If you missed what this space looked like last year you can click here.
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  1. Hi Pamela,
    Love Annabelle all dressed for the holidays and everything looks so cozy and sweet. Happy Holidays.

  2. Have I missed the reveal on your windows you were building in, in your kitchen area. I am dying to see the results....

    1. Hi Sonia! No you certainly have not missed the reveal of the faux cathedral window. I was almost done with it and ran out of one piece of trim. I am planning on finishing it up today or tomorrow so be sure to check back for the reveal! Thank you for visiting and I hope that you have a great week!

  3. I remember when you were assembling this nice to see it for the holidays---Love the fireplace!

    1. Thank you Sandi. The bedroom is still a work in progress but it is coming along nicely. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  4. It is so pretty Pam! I love your fireplace and of course Annabelle!


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