Saturday, October 28, 2017

Christmas Inspiration

Well I tell ya Mother Nature has graced us with some beyond beautiful fall weather. Last night we sat outside enjoying Christmas movies on Hallmark and making S'mores over the fire pit. This morning we woke up to it being 40. I can not remember it ever being this cold out in October since we have moved to Texas and I am loving it! Wish it would stick around. Today marks 1 year since we closed on the new house. I can NOT believe how fast time is flying by!!

Speaking of fall I finished up the last of the fall decorating this past week. I shared our fall dining room here  and our fall porch here I shared a little while back so if you missed them be sure to click on over.

Yesterday I went on the hunt across town for a mirror for our master bathroom. I ended up at three different stores though I only needed to go to one. I couldn't resist stopping at them all. I found some wonderful Christmas decor I thought that I would share with y'all. 
Christmas Decorations-Bust Form Christmas Tree-Tuesday Morning-From My Front Porch To Yours
These Christmas Tree bust forms I found at Tuesday Morning. Both were really pretty. They even has table top versions.

After Tuesday Morning I ran into Kirklands which was my original destination.
Christmas Decorations-Christmas Sign-Kirkland-2017-Christmas Vignette-From My Front Porch To Yours
So far Kirklands wins the best holiday decor this year.  I love that Merry Christmas Sign.
Christmas Decorations-Initial Christmas Bulbs-Kirklands-2017-From My Front Porch To Yours
Christmas Decorations-Kirklands-Pillows-2017-Shiplap Sign-From My Front Porch To Yours
Christmas Decorations-Christmas Signs-Kirklands-2017-From My Front Porch To Yours
I am thinking about purchasing the "It's The Most Wonderful Time" sign. I could make one but honestly with the sales they have going on and the amount of time it would take to make one it is just makes more sense to buy one already made. 
Christmas Decorations-Kirklands-Tree Toppers-Snowman-Elf-Deer-From My Front Porch To Yours
Cute tree toppers! Alas I did not purchase any Christmas decor this visit because I was looking for the said elusive bathroom mirror I need. Thankfully there is a Kirklands only about 10 minutes form our house so I certainly will be going back.
Christmas Decorations-HomeGoods-Christmas Plaid Tablecloth-Chritsma Plaid Napkins-From My Front Porch To Yours
Though I did not purchase anything at Kirlands or Tuesday Morning I did find this beautiful plaid tablecloth and napkins at HomeGoods.
Christmas Decorations-Slim-Pencil-Christmas Tree-Vintage-Milk Jug-Christmas-Tree-Holder-From My Front Porch To Yours
Earlier in the week I found this pencil Christmas tree at Walmart for our dining room. Of course I could not resist putting it up!:) I am thinking I may have to run to Walmart for a second one.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Like the pencil think tree- Wal-Mart??? Wow!!! The Tuesday Morning Christmas Tree Bust forms are so creative. Can't wait to read if you bought another tree or the sign:)

  2. OH Pamela two of my fave places to shop. I saw those cute dress forms that were smaller for a table top and I am thinking about them for my annual girlfriend Christmas party. They are so cute. Glad you had a great day of shopping and getting inspired for the holidays.

  3. I will have to get to Walmart for that pencil tree. I would love it for our dining room too!

  4. Love your blogs! How much was the Christmas bust and the pencil tree? Thanks!

    1. The pencil tree was $49 at Walmart and the bust trees were $99 each I believe.

  5. Love this pencil tree!! May i ask how much it was?? I have one in my Dining Room....

  6. I saw those dress form trees in the circular for Tuesday Morning! I love Christmas decor shopping, so many pretties already out there. I wish we had a Kirklands nearby, but I think I could get into real trouble by the looks of it. ;)

  7. This is such a fun and inspiring post Pamela! I LOVE the plaid napkins and tablecloth.

  8. Oh what fun it must be for your to decorate the house for Christmas this year!...I am anxious to get my decorating started....

    1. I think it will be Shirley. Last year I only did a little on the porch and then just our living room. This year watch out!LOL.

  9. OMGOSH was chilly here too over the weekend in Georgia! Gets those Christmas vibes going! We watched Hallmark Christmas movies over the weekend too. MARRY ME AT CHRISTMAS was great and then we saw THE CHRISTMAS CURE on Sunday. So fun. Kirklands and Home Goods are my faves. Today at lunch - i stumbled over to Catos (clothing store) & got some ideas to wear for a work Christmas party we are going too. IF we dont get many trick-or-treaters here, then I'll be catching up on blogs tonight. YAY oxo


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