Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Farmhouse Back Porch

I have shared a ton about our front porch and well our back porch was/is feeling slightly neglected to say the least. I have not quite figured out what I want to do with the space just yet but recently I did decided to spruce up the backdoor area.
Farmhouse Back Porch-Toile Gardening Boots-Spiral Topiaries-From My Front Porch To Yours

At our last home we used our front door as our main entrance/exit. At the new house we use our backdoor and thus I felt it deserved to be welcoming. 
Farmhouse Back Porch-Lettuce Door Mat-Toile Rainboots-From My Front Porch To Yours
It all started with this cute lettuce door mat I ordered from Pier 1. It was one sale and I could not resist.
Farmhouse Back Porch-Porch Decor-Porch Living-Sprial topiaries-From My Front Porch To Yours
Next up I pulled together pieces I already on hand like the toile gardening boots I purchased off of Ebay. The spiral topiaries came from Zulilly and to be honest I will not be ordering topiaries from them again. They were not of the utmost quality for the price. The Magnolia Wreath came from Michaels and the sign above the door from Hobby Lobby.
Farmhouse Back Porch-Suburban Farmhouse-From My Front Porch To Yours
 I thought that I had gotten a better pic of the little seating area off to the side. I will have to retake those but here is a little glimpse.

I am hoping to pull the rest of our outdoor living area together by the end of summer. 

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  1. It looks very welcoming! We will enter our house through our garage and I am already planning in my mind how to make that welcoming for us. Our company will come through the front door.

  2. It looks cute, Pamela. Love the lettuce doormat and the toile boots!

  3. Great porch and your spruce up looks fabulous.

  4. So pretty Pamela! Love the lettuce doormat and that Magnolia wreath!!!!

  5. Oh your back door is so pretty Pamela! I so love the door color! Such a welcoming area for your family and back door friends. Sorry that your experience with the topiary was not a good one. Happy Summer!

  6. You are off to a great start! I LOVE those toile boots and the color of the door is pretty. TFS

  7. Absolutely love the lettuce door mat!


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