Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mini Chalk Boards

I went back to HomeGoods today in search of a third pedestal frame and surprisingly enough they had two left! I was sure they would be sold out but they were not and so I took it as a sign that I was suppose to follow thru with this project!;)

I also purchased Peel & Stick chalk board made by Wallies. My thought at first was to have The Hubster cut me out small pieces of wood that I was going to paint with chalk board paint so that I could turn the frames back into actual frames some day if I wanted to. Well he said why don't you use that stick on stuff. Okay, so I guess he does have good ideas every now and then!;) 

This project took all of 10 minutes! The Peel & Stick Chalk Board was super easy to stick on and did not leave any bubbles! Super easy to peel off as well which is a major plus. I had to reposition one of them. Thankfully it came with some chalk as well because I did not have any on hand and would have been majorly bummed.

I really like these pedestal frames as chalk boards! I can use them in a grouping for the seasons or by themselves. They would be great as names for place settings or even for labeling dishes during a dinner buffet party. Very versatile I think.

Though I loved how easy the Peel & Stick was to use I was NOT happy that all it took to scratch it was my finger nail!:( Now I will have to redo this one.

Hope your week is going well!
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  1. Very cute....it looks so neat all together. Glad the 3rd was waiting for ya!!

  2. This is great, Pamela! Glad you were able to get that third one! Great ideas for their use ~ I love the buffet table idea or even just to do messages for the holidays.

  3. This is great! I have never seen this product! Thanks for sharing such a time saving idea! I love it!

  4. Very pretty and great idea! Peel and stick is awesome...will need to look for that!

  5. Pamela this is such a cute idea! I didn't know they sold peel and stick chalkboard. This is something I think I will copy. Thanks for sharing your great idea!


  6. I think this is a great idea as always,keep'em coming.I like the style of the frames, never would have thought of it.

  7. Pamela, these are just adorable!! What a creative idea!! Very cute!!

  8. I love this easy idea and the pretty pedestal frames you used.

  9. Hi Pamela, they turned out so cute! The third pedestal frame was meant to be yours. I have found that if you see something you like you better get it then because chances are it won't be there if you should go back. It's happened to me.

    Have a wonderful day,

  10. Too cute Pamela! I didn't know they made the peel and stick. We just did a huge 4x8 chalk board in hubby's office, framed it out, and I am hating the mess the chalk makes! I will get around to doing a post when I get the wall re-painted from the mess the colored chalk has made. :(
    Have a great hump day.

  11. Adorable! You are just too clever! These would be so perfect for so many uses. Think I'm going to have to head to Home Goods and find me some pedestal frames. :)


  12. Cute project! Thanks for the tutorial and critique!

  13. I just adore these!! Definitely you'll get a lot of use from these!

  14. Any chance you're selling these pedestal frames? Please let me know! My email is inna_daniel@hotmail.com


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