Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh Junking Fairy!!

So I was perusing the local yard sale site today and my oh my what did my wondering eyes find!!  The wheels in my head started turning double speed and I emailed the link to The Hubster who in turn thought I had lost my mind. He was not amused in the least.

When I look at her my eyes get classy.

I see what great bones she has.

I see how beautiful she must have been at some point in time.
I see how beautiful and dreamy she could be!! If I only knew how to reupholster I would have been over to the ladies house in a minute. She just emailed me and said she is 72 inches long and still in need of a loving home. Sigh....So yes Junking Fairy if you happen to have the time I would so love for you to pick her up and bring her to me!;)

I really am not crazy just a dreamer!:)

Hope your Wednesday is going well!


  1. I don't think you are crazy at all...she would be beautiful! And the unexcited hubster...I know that very well at times!! I hope the fairy visits you...when she/he does, please send her my way...I have a few things on my fairy dream list!

  2. I feel your pain. I can't do upholstery either.

  3. Oh! That would have been a good one. We all need to learn to re-upholster. :(

  4. **sigh** she would be lovely all fixed up.

  5. I saw that! It has a great shape and style! I usually always look in the furniture and antiques category :)

  6. I don't think you are crazy in the least little bit. She has lovely bones and could be just stunning ;-)

  7. She's a beauty! I have a vintage sofa that could use some love, but I don't know anything about reupholstering and she doesn't have a place in our new smaller home anyway so now she lives in our spare room, waiting for a transformation.

  8. Without even seeing the other pictures I was in love too! What an awesome find!!!

  9. Oh Pamela, I would say you have great vision! This piece could be something really special!!


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