Sunday, October 9, 2011

Curtains Up!

This is the view I have now from my desk here in the kitchen where I do all this blogging madness. Before I take you in to see the new guest room curtains let me show you where this room started.

Here is the guest room before we moved in. At the time I saw plain and boring builder beige walls.

I then decided that I wanted to bring color into this room and do a whimsy cottage chic feel if that is even a style. Ha! I got the brilliant idea to paint the headboard The Hubster and I made red. I use the term brilliant loosely. The red headboard is STILL out in the garage. I strip a bit off of it everyday. Hoping by Thanksgiving it will be completed and back in the room just in time for our holiday guests!

Here is the guest room today with the antique shutters hung and the new curtains up! Yes, this is where you can state the obvious that indeed I painted the room back to it's almost original color. All I have to say is that it is fun watching  on our blogs how much our taste change and evolve over the years. 

I flipped thru some of my fave inspiration magazines trying to get an idea on what type of rod to use to hang the panels. Most of them showed a very simple ball ended rod. Easy enough and thankfully WM had one because I was not wanting to run to HobLob last night. I used just plain clips instead of sliding the curtain panels straight onto the rod. I wanted the little extra length that clips provide you.

I love how they puddle just a tad!

I had two pairs of curtains. One was the lace and the other were just plain white panels. I decided that I wanted to continue to have the room feel bright and airy so I went with the scalloped lace panels. They believe it or not were just $14.99 for the pair at Ikea!! They are called Alvine Spets if you are interested in getting a pair of your own. I highly recommend them!

I am very thankful that I was able to pull off the vision I had for the window. Sometimes ya just never know! Total cost to achieve this look was a tad less than $50. The most expensive thing was the rod at $14 and the two set of clips at $7 each. I paid less than $5 for the pair of antique shutters and the Ikea scallop lace panels were just $14.99. 

And a special thanx to my very helpful assistant today! Littliest helped to make sure everything was just right during the photo shoot!;)

Hope your weekend is going well! Thanx so much for taking the time out of your day to stop by and say Hi!

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  1. I love them, Pamela. May have to check those out. I just want some short cafe type panels.

  2. I <3 <3 <3 the lace curtains! They look amazing paired with the shutters!

  3. Hi Pamela, I love the look of the lace curtains with the shutters. Your guest room is looking fabulous and your little helper is adorable!

    Enjoy your evening,

  4. It looks so pretty, Pamela! What a great view of the room you have. I would probably be leaning back in my chair to catch glimpses of it.

  5. I love your choice of curtains. There is just something about white sheers, especially when a breeze can blow in and gently billow them out. Lovely room.

  6. Pamela, I'm loving the room and I spy a really cute pink chair! Love your assistant, he looks very happy to be helping!

  7. I went back and read about the chair, I love it! Sorry I'm behind on reading!

  8. They look wonderful!...I actually have those same curtains.....Small world! Visiting from BNOTP

  9. How pretty, and what a handsome little helper!

    Dropping by from BNOTP.

    Hidden Laundry

  10. It looks very serene. Your photos are beautiful. Good thing you had that charming assistant to keep an eye on things.

  11. lace and shutters-just gorgeous! and that helper is too, too cute!

  12. I love the way this window treatment turned out, Pamela! A bit of the unexpected with the shutters paired with the lace panels. A great look!
    (I'll send that photo tomorrow sometime) :)

  13. They are beautiful, Pamela! I love the shutters too.

  14. Hello Pamela, Your curtains are lovely,very romantic and floaty,nice x

  15. Your window turned out great. Love the shutters, it contrast nicely with the white lace. Your guest will feel right at home.

  16. When your boys are old enough you should start a design business!
    I love it.

  17. The window looks great! I love they layering with the shutters and the lace panel!!

  18. look at that sweet smile! what a lucky mom you are :) the outcome of this is fabulous - you did a wonderful job and this room is so so so pretty! looks like a guest cottage in the hill country.

  19. These are beautiful Pamela!! Loving the curtains with the shutters.

  20. First i love the headboard, where can i get one? The lace curtains look and feel like spring in paris. I love it.

  21. Ahhhh, what a beautiful view, Pamela! I love how the guest room turned out. The soft lacey panels are so pretty and the shutters are the icing on the cake!

  22. Love the shutters and how you dressed the bed but the best is your picture of your littlest. He is adorable and that is such a great shot.

  23. Love the shutters and the lace, but the cutie at the end was the best part!!

  24. Love the new look, especially the shutters.

  25. Everything looks so beautiful Pamela! I love the softness of the curtains against the shutters. Your view is gorgeous! :-)

  26. I love lace... and I love lace curtains; they're so feminine and have so much to offer to a room. Your's are truly gorgeous... (I think I have the same ones in our master's ;))

    Thanks for participating in our Show Off Your Cottage Monday!



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